Perfect Guide to Wear Perfume for Date Night

Date nights are so romantic. When you anticipate about what you will do with your beloved, while preparing for it, those are the best moments. Preparing the outfit, finding the right hairstyle and doing the makeup just right to capture his attention throughout, every date night is a piece of work. You want everything from your hair to your heels to be perfect, nothing extra and nothing less, however when it comes to perfume, most of us lack this kind of dedication. After spending hours in putting the dress, doing hair and applying makeup, we just grab any perfume lying on the dresser and spritz all over before grabbing the handbag and leaving for the romantic meeting.

ladies perfumesYour perfume is the finishing touch to your entire look, hence requires a little bit more work. To help you in selecting and applying the ladies perfumes for the date night, we are here with a guide put together by the experts. Let’s have a look!

Find the Right Perfume:

Finding the right perfume for the date night is very crucial. It has to be sensuous, mesmerising, noticeable but not strong. You can give a try to mix of floral and fruity notes blended with some aromatic woody notes. If you are into a little stronger scent, oriental perfumes might be a nice pick. And when you are not sure what kind of perfume will be best for you, go with the citrusy ones with gourmand notes. They are the universally accepted perfumes, which are loved and preferred by masses. You can never go wrong with zesty citruses. Find all these perfumes in stores selling ladies perfumes online in India.

Little is More:

If you are under impression that the more perfume you apply, the better it is to be noticed. No, these myth about fragrances need to be changed as soon as possible if you wish to let fragrances work in your favour. A perfume is like alcohol, applying less will give you confidence while a lot can make you seem like a wannabe trying too hard. Moreover, you will be sitting very close to your date and certainly you do not wish to make him or her make feel weird with strong scents coming off you. For keeping it pleasant, apply just 2 sprays of perfume on your pulse points and that’s it. This two spray rule will give you enough fragrance to get noticed without making it too much.

Apply On The Pulse Points:

Applying fragrance on the pulse point allows it to dissipate at an even rate giving you a uniform fragrance. However, for date night, you need to apply perfume on the right zones to get the most benefit. Since you will close to him or her, apply the fragrance on your neck, back of the neck, chest and wrist, basically all the area which will be exposed and closer to your date. Spray twice on the pulse point and let the fragrance dry down naturally. Avoid rubbing or touching the place where you have applied the perfume. This can damage the perfume molecules altering the notes and affecting longevity.

Keep a Miniature Handy:

Although you have applied the perfume but after having the dinner or spending a few hours with your beloved, it is possible that the fragrances starts evaporating and diminishing. For such times, carry a small miniature or tester perfume in your handbag. These are small enough to fit into your pockets or clutch bags.

Following all these simple tips, you can smell amazing throughout and after the date, if you plan to take it forward. Choose a good quality long lasting perfume with soothing fragrance for the best results. Smell great and feel fabulous on your date night.

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