Mind-blowing Emper Perfumes You Should Try

Have you been looking out for amazing scents that are beyond this world? A perfume that is amazing, long lasting and nothing less than mesmerising. Very few brands available in India are able to cater to the demands of the perfume users giving them an international fragrance in their budget without compromising with the quality and quantity of course. One such brand is Emper, a relatively new brand member of the perfume world. Even after being a newbie as compared to the fragrance and beauty giants that are setting trends for others, Emper has been able to make a name for itself with the help of the experienced perfumers.

Emper Perfumes

These perfumers create such mesmerising fragrances, ranging from light to the strong notes, giving a fragrance lover one sent for each moment. Although the brand offers a mind-blowing range of fragrances for men and women, there are some of the fragrances that stand apart from the rest. Some of these most popular Emper perfumes available in the country are,

Emper 9 to 9 Men eau de toilette: A blend of oriental notes that is just perfect for a power play at the office or mesmerise others at gatherings. The top notes of this amazing perfume contain flavourful citrus fruits with heart notes of patchouli, agarwood, and heartwood. The base notes add a strong essence with leather and amber. This perfume is perfect for colder seasons and evening wear or night wear. If you love strong oriental scents, wear this to office as well.

Emper 9 to 9 Women Eau de parfum: A fragrance that is gentle, refreshing and has just the right amount of sweetness to it, Emper 9 to 9 is suitable for all-day wear. The top notes of this amazing perfume contain lemon, apple and green leaves. The middle notes are rich with jasmine, peony, sandalwood, iris and praline while the base notes contain vanilla and white musk. This perfume is perfect for all-day wear throughout the year. It is suitable for office wear as well.

Emper Chifon Eau de parfum for women: This one is an ideal summer perfume with its refreshing floral main accords. The top note of this fragrance opens up with mandarin orange and bergamot, while the heart notes contain jasmine, rose, orris and sandalwood. The base note contains vanilla and white musk. This is a gentle fragrance suitable for warm weather and summer season.

Emper Urban Man eau de toilette: A special fragrance designed for the man who loves to mark his presence wherever he goes. The top notes of this perfume contain amber, oakmoss and leather. The heart notes have lavender, patchouli and violet leaf while the base note contains Artemisia, lemon, juniper berries and sage. It is strong and sensuous making it just right for eveningwear and for parties.

You can get an amazing range of perfumes with the brand to match your mood and season. If you are looking for deodorant sprays, Emper body spray range is worth trying as well with its highly perfumed ingredients and antiperspirant properties. Buy them all online in India on popular international perfume websites.

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