How to Find Your Right Perfume and Online Perfume Store

Perfume is the invisible attire that both men and women wear to add the final touch up on your style statement.  Eventually, perfume is created especially either for men or for women. There is hardly any perfume that is unisex. So if you are to find the right perfume or you, you need to it according to your gender. If you are men, your target is the male perfumes, and for women you need to count on female perfumes only. So, if you need to select the right perfume for you, first do it according to your gender.

perfumes for women

Check the notes

Regardless it is or men or women, you need to work on the note of a perfume. Actually each perfume consists of three notes: the base, the middle, and the top. The right blending of three notes creates the complete aroma that we smell and enjoy. Floral and spicy notes are ladies’ favorite: musk and woody notes are mostly men’s favorite. Once you select your favorite note, check the perfume. Good perfumes will let you know its three different notes. Ex :

Perfume Notes

Count on Concentration

What perfume terminology calls concentration, world terms it as density. That clearly explains the clue of perfume selection. Usually, higher is the concentration, stronger is the smell. For natural reason, perfumes with higher concentration are costlier than low concentration based perfumes. Based on concentration level 4 qualities of scents: these are perfume (fragrance lasts for 24 hours), eau de parfum( fragrance lasts for 6 hours), eau de toilette( needs more than one application), and eau de cologne( lasts for two hours).

When you are purchasing perfume, check for these points: purchase according to your budget.

Test the aroma

There are three steps to test the aroma of a perfume and that is the final phase of selection the perfume.

  • Sniff a bit to get an idea of the smell
  • Apply a drop on your pulse point to feel how it will smell on your skin
  • Smell your wrist after 1 hour to enjoy the feel of the smell according to your hormonal settings.

How to find online perfume store for you?

There are 4 simple steps for finding the best online perfume store for you. These are:

  • Do online research
  • Check the store and their offers
  • Read the reviews as well as description of the perfumes.
  • Check the price and offers
  • Check the buyers’ protection, if any.

These are ways you can select best perfume for you and the online store for perfume purchase.

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