How Should I Apply Deodorant For Lasting Freshness?

Best Body Spray for MenDeodorants are one of the most affordable ways to smell good. Available in a can, these are easy to carry around anywhere you like. You can keep them in your car or gym bag, stock one in office drawer or bathroom. But often these perfumed body sprays are not able to give you lasting aroma. there are several reasons behind this. You might have been using it in a wrong way. Or bought a body spray not meant for your needs. Quite like perfumes, deodorants are also tricky to use. Understanding the type, you need, fragrance it has and even how much you sprayed on will help a lot.

What Are The Several Types Of Body Sprays Available?

There are several types of body sprays available in India. Deodorants are the ones with antibacterial properties. They help in eradicating smell-causing bacteria and staying fresh for hours. Anyone with smelly sweat can try these. Another one is the antiperspirants variant which helps in reducing your sweating. If you sweat too much and worry about sweat patches on your clothes, this is for you.

Apart from these two body spray variants, there is one more, perfumed sprays. These types of body sprays will only give you a good smell. It does not have any effect on sweat or eradicate body odor. For having the best results from your body spray, make sure to get the one you need.

Best Way To Apply Deodorant For A Lasting Scent:

Deodorants or perfumed body sprays will not work as they should without proper use. If you will spray them on dirty skin or your clothes, these will evaporate in no time. Even the best body spray for men will not work in this situation. For making it last longer, you should spray the deodorant sprays only on clean and fresh skin. Take a bath and towel dry your skin to remove any unnecessary moisture. Now apply some body lotion or cream to hydrate your skin and prep it for deo. Applying body spray on prepped skin helps it to absorb the molecules.

Never spray the deodorant on your clothes. They will only work in a proper way if you apply deodorant to your skin. Moreover, your skin is able to hold on to perfume molecules, making it last longer. Otherwise, it will evaporate in no time. Another helpful way to make your deo last long is to freshen up every 3-4 hours. Spray your deo again on the same spot. This will help in preventing the aroma from evaporating completely. Last but not the least, the distance between the spray and your body. Keep the nozzle a few inches away while spraying. This will help in covering larger space.

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