How and Where To Use Perfumes: A Handy Manual

We all know that perfume is the fragrance that we smear after we have done with our dressings and makeover.  But in reality it’s not that simple a process.  Perfume experts have suggested that long lasting of a perfume largely depends on the points of application, exactly not on its strength of aroma. So if you want to use  a perfume for all day long effect, besides buying a quality product, you need to learn too how to use perfumes.

how to use perfumes

Smear it in your hair

It may sound funny but it is a sheer fact that fragrances latch with fiber body of hair strand and it can carry the smell for longer period of time. However, alcohol percentage in a perfume may dry your hair, so it is wise to apply it on the hair brush to smear it all over your hair volume.

Apply it on your ear lobe

Apply perfume on your ear lobe and it will stay for long. There is a pulse point on ear lobe and it has the quality to boost the fragrance. The top portion of thee ears is a good point to apply perfume ans this area remains moist always.

Applying on wrist is a way to sustain the fragrance

Apply perfume on the wrist and also on the back of the hand. This trick will add the smell on your slightest motion and you will radiate the fragrance all around.

Apply in on inside elbows

There is a pulse point again on inside elbows, which can wonderfully emit the fragrance of the perfume. If you apply a drop of moisturizer there before applying perfume, the hydrated base will help to last the fragrance for longer than usual.

Behind both the knees

The areas behind the knees always remain soft and warm, and that helps in spreading the fragrance of the perfume all around. This is a great way to stay fragranced during summer because during summer backside of knee area remains moist.

Belly button

It is a sensuous place. If you are wearing eastern wear or swimsuit for a romantic date with your partner, applying perfume at the belly button will keep you fragranced for long. More you will be sweating, the fragrant will enhance its scented demeanor, which will keep up your mood.

On clothing

The fiber part of the clothing will retain the fragrance and will fill your surrounding with the perfumed aroma. You need to use perfume on the liners not on the inner garments.

These are the ways to use perfumes for the best effect. Following this perfume applying tips you will be able to create a fragrances ambiance all around you, which your friends and associates will cherish for sure.

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