Fougere: The Fragrance of the Season

The smell of freshly cut grass, the scent of the herbs right after a rain and the smell of moss in a damp forest, these are some fragrances which can send a person’s senses to a whole new world. These might feel overpowering but quite pleasing to our senses, bringing us closer to nature. Taking inspiration from nature’s bounty and greenery, perfumers around the world came up with the Fougere scent. It is a crucial part of the oriental perfume family serving the needs of the perfume lovers over centuries.

Colour Me Green Perfume for Men

Originally created for women, this fragrance group captivated men’s nose turning them from the overpowering spicy and woody scents to this much fresher smelling one. Modern-day fragrances such as CM Green perfume for men have been keeping men fresh and energetic all day long.

Exuding a piquant quality, fougere or green notes are known to add an instant dose of freshness to your personality. Notes that you can look for while buying fougere or green perfumes are Chives, Marigold, Celery, Juniper berries, Aloe Vera, Basil, Cactus, Cannabis, Clary Sage, Fern, Ginseng, Grass, Green notes, Green pepper, Hay, Mint, Mistletoes, Marjoram, Galbanum, Tea, Thyme, Sage, Olive Leaf, Tulsi, Hops, Henna, Grape Leaves, Tobacco, Juniper and many others.

For those who find it difficult to find out a perfume depending on their notes and description, you can look for some details like the colour. Almost all the fougere or herbal fragrances are packed in green bottles and spray cans. If you want this fragrance family, look for anything that has green shades in it.

Some of the most popular varieties available with the fougere family are:

Aromatic Fougere: In this type of perfumes, you can look for the presence of floral notes with leaves. Fragrant flowers such as rose or lavender are mixed together with gentle green notes such as fern, juniper, basil, tea and thyme for that aromatic experience. Instead of overpowering each other, both types of notes complement and enhance each other. Such perfumes are great for romantic evenings and special occasions.

Citrusy Fougere: With the presence of citrus notes with herbs, these fragrances are perfect for the summer months and daytime. Most of the sports perfumes such as Colour Me Green Perfume for Men contain this combination.

Aquatic Fougere: With the presence of mint with water notes, these fragrances have a unique fresh feel. If you want something that keeps you cool all day long, this is the one for you. You can find such scents in Colour Me Perfumes range.

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