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Perfume Selfie - Teaze Women

7 x 4ml = 28ml
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She’s the one with those playful eyes. She knows you want her. And what does she do? She walks past you, leaving a trail of ‘Teaze’ behind. You have no option but to fall prey.
  • Garima
    The red and black box can be anyone’s favorite. I love the fragrance they are very new I had never smelled anything like that before.
  • Meenal
    The Teaze box comes with seven wonderful fragrances. The original scents belong to various companies from different countries so I love it.
  • Kriti Agarwal
    Fragrance was good but Bottles are too small and packaging was good either.worth of the money.
  • Soumya Tondon
    It is just as exotic as shown in the ad commercials. You will get drowned in the sensual smell of the small bombs of joy! When you will open the box you will feel like you are planning a surprise for yourself because each perfume is news to you and your senses, it may take a little time to settle with few of the testers but believe me it is going to be a very new experience.
  • Kiara
    I think it is providing the best fragrance in the country. Just so wao with its seven new variants.
  • Kanika Shah
    When I was buying this I thought it would be 7 same fragrance and will last just few days but to my great surprise it lasted really long than a month and I am so much into two smell ie, Web and Fasico. Gives you great options.
  • Anvesha
    The testers looks small but is really last long. I use it every day for a month now and still it has enough of product left. Amazing small friend of mine now. So powerful and great.
  • Praiyanka Raje
    Sometime it takes a bit time for shipping but you are getting such a nice offer on genuine products so it’s worth the wait. I really appreciate it. I buyed the case after thinking a lot but finally my wait is over with a very good range of customized box by their site.
  • Sunita Singh
    I like this new startup perfume company. I am purchasing perfume for many years. But first time I tried this Selfie thing, all the perfumes inside my Selfie box was really great and their products are all branded, new and tested. It is made up of rich elements and precious oils.
  • Bhumika chuhan
    I have gifted Teaze Women perfume Selfie to my friend on her birthday. When she used this perfume, she was got addicted to its wild and new range of fragrance. I am really thankful to PerfumeBooth for such a nice product. And good customer response. I suggest it to you all. And I am willing to buy one for me too.
  • Suman Krishna
    It was my sister’s birthday approaching when I decided to gift him a branded international perfume, but I was confused which scent will suit her the most, I went through the PerfumeBooth website and got to know about the perfume Selfie concept, I ordered it and got delivery real soon.
  • Jayneel Shah
    I would like to surrender into the fragrance each day in my life. It’s so revealing and comforting. I love it. Very flavorsome.
  • Suganya S
    I love perfumes! I have always loved CA Classic Woman of Chris Adams collection; it has a unique elegant floral note. But after I got perfume Selfie tester, Creation Gold became my new favorite. I loved the unique idea of perfumebooth.com.
  • Sunveer Sharma
    This online perfume store sells branded international fragrance like Lomani, Emper, Baug Sons, Chris Adams, Maryaj, English Blazer, Louis Cardin and many more, every scent was unique in the beautiful Lurve case. I am happy with their service and branded series.
  • Swati kampani
    Amazing smell...Ausome quality..will definately purchase more ..loving the Tease !!
  • Garima Pawar
    I have recently brought my Lurve women perfume Selfie kit from perfume booth.
  • Harshita Jain
    I am a fragrance person! I need a new strong smell each morning and with the perfume Selfie each of my morning is getting better and better. If you apply a good scent in the morning automatically your day will turn to be good
  • Nisha Gupta
    Each tester is a new scent in just your budget. Lurve women perfume Selfie is my favorite. I have recently reties other Selfie box also but the fragrance in Lurve Selfie kit is amazing, it has all shades and flavor.
  • Nupoor Sarkar
    I have just got my new perfume Selfie box and it’s amazing. The six tester perfumes Selfie series customized separately for Men's & Women are all very interesting. Their concept is as amazing as their product. Crazy for each of them.
  • Priti Ahuja
    There is no way to choose our desired testers on their site. I wish we can customize our box ourselves with the brands we like. Otherwise hats off to them, as each Selfie box is equipped with a new and flavorsome product. Very different, unique and courful in its way.
  • Mrunali Patil
    I have received the perfume Selfie box, before the expected delivery date, I am happy with their service. Packing is also good but I want them to allow us to customize our Selfie boxes with the perfume testers we want.
  • Akriti Jha
    It was worth the price. The fragrances are all crazy. It is very fruity and long lasting it stays for more than 6 hours unlike ordinary perfumes.
  • Shreya Mehra
    It was beautifully packed, all the fragrance is new and dense it is a burst of surprise. Very new and innovative.
  • Nivedita Sinha
    I have recently brought my Teaze women perfume Selfie kit from perfume booth.com, every scent is unique in the beautiful case, and now I can change the fragrance every single day.
  • Sunshine
    It gives the confidence and vogue to my life.
  • Jasmin Kaur
    Fasico is a unique one. I had never smelled something like this before. Certainly a nice thing and I carry it with me in my pocket, it’s very handy!
  • Dipti Singh
    Nice discounts on genuine products. All are brands from France and Dubai. Quality service and hassle free delivery maintained. I liked it very much. Coupon thing is also a great option.
  • Bhavika Singh
    Just one word: unique! Both concept and product! Really happy with the company and manufacturers.
  • Deepti Bhatnagar
    They provide proper packing of perfume Selfie with fast deliver service. New but a great innovative site to buy perfumes.
  • Harshita Jain
    It’s turning into a trend now. Amazing that they are providing such good discounts on branded international fragrances. Great thing!
  • Avantika Goshwami
    It contains more concentration of essences, truly a value for money. Sophistication begins from here. It’s branded and international what more do you expect in this price. A great deal.
  • Nikita Garg
    Turning to a new super online site! Perfumes make anyone happy and I am over happy with my seven testers.
  • Palak Jaiswal
    I bought this perfume Selfie kit second time, thought to try out a new one but the smell of three testers had made me addicted to it. Superb, quality, quantity, brands, fragrances, idea, and site everything is crazy!
  • Garima Arora
    Creation gold is my style pick I will apply on my special days. Thank you perfumebooth. I will like to shop more once I am done with this range.
  • Shivani Kaushik
    Web is really a spooky wild one. I’m getting crazy over that. Rest all is also nice. Something new for women other than the regular floral smells.
  • Prachi Gupta
    I ordered Teaze perfume from PerfumeBooth. I get it soon from this company. This perfume Selfie has 7 international branded tester bottles and all has very well fragrance. I use 7 different bottles each day in a week and also carry in my pocket. This is the best pros of this perfume. They provide proper packing of perfume Selfie with fast deliver service.
  • Nilima Ray
    I bought Teaze perfume from PerfumeBooth. This perfume Selfie keeps you fresh all the day. I want to thank to PerfumeBooth for such a nice product. All things are good like product, packing, products fragrance etc. Really awesome perfume, I recommend to all for buying it.
  • Natasha Sharma
    I bought Teaze perfume for my girl friend. When I gifted this perfume Selfie to my girl friend, she was very happy because she wants to buy Teaze perfume. This perfume has very flirty and romantic smell. I will buy it again and again. Thank you PerfumeBooth.
  • Devika Patel
    There is a good range of products available here and you can buy it with some discount offers. Prices are not much enough from others branded perfume. Perfume was well packaged with quick delivery. I am very happy that I purchase this.
  • Rasika Ahuja
    I bought this perfume second time from PerfumeBooth - the whole process is fast and easy. I got perfume on time with well packaged. They keep you up-to-date of the process of your order. I would suggest this company to all.
  • Mridalini Sharma
    I like this company. I am purchasing perfume from many years. They are really great and their product. Sometime it takes a bit time for shipping but you are getting such a nice discounts offer on genuine products. I really appreciate it.
  • Manorma Tyagi
    Excellent service and great product, I bought a Teaze woman perfume from PerfumeBooth and the smell was accurately how it was described in the description love this perfume.
  • Jayshree Banerjee
    Amazing product and service, great collection of perfumes. This perfume has sweet and floral fragrance and I really love it. I will definitely order again and again.
  • Disha Gupta
    I really love this perfume because it has very romantic and floral fragrance. One of the best thing of this product is, It is long lasting perfume and awesome smell.
  • Amrita shah
    I gifted it to my friend on woman’s day. When my friend use this perfume, she was very happy because its fragrance very flirty and romantic. She thanks to me for such a great gift. I am really thankful to PerfumeBooth such a nice product. I suggest it to you all for purchasing this one.
  • Atru
    Really good perfume. Good delivery . All the perfume smell good ❤
  • Paras
    My first time to try Cazsoniva and I'm a fan!! Love it!!
  • Pushpal singh rana
    Love this, just got it today?
  • Hanshika
    Love this one !! So fresh and sweet smelling! Not to overpowering!
    Never received it. So I wouldn't know.
  • Jasmine
    I will definitely order this again and again! Absolutely perfect. Its sweet and floral. Very flirty but great for everyday.
  • Lisa
    very light smell, but doesn't seem like you even put any on.
  • Shaveta
    Amazing product...