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Perfume Selfie - Sophistique Women

7 x 4ml = 28ml
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She makes you want to bow down in respect. She’s elegant, she’s priceless and her ‘Sophistique’ makes her a queen of her universe.
  • Monika
    These are like living in heaven.....loved it...... marvellous.....
  • Aliya
    I received my samples very quickly and they all smell really nice. The packaging is beautiful as well. Each of fragrance is unique and lovely. My favourite is Sophistique.
  • Sonali pednekar
    Loved the product. The smell of the perfume is very good and it lasts very well. Worth for the money. Can go for it!!
  • Priyanka
    The testers are tested for the skin so its good dos not irritate and last for about 4 hours. Carry case is quite useful. Now you can try and buy the things.
  • Neelam
    Awesome perfume collection and super fast delivery
  • Mohd Zahid
    BEST I just love the all perfumes...n I really impressed by delivering service ..its so fast... Thank you
  • Batul
    I just love the all perfumes...n I really impressed by delivering service ..its so fast... Thank you
  • Lokesh Singh
    I purchased this one for my wife as a surprise gift and when she used this and fallen it's fragrance
  • Nikky
    Best products. I got it on time and all the fragrance are awesome :)
  • Kavita
    Really thankfull to perfume booth for amazing 7 international fragrance in just 475 rs.
  • Priyanka
    All 7 fragrances are different yet great. i loved them all.
  • julie
    The smell of these perfumed are great...I love it
  • Roshani Mishra
    I love each and every sent in the seven testers. All are new to me. They are international so you won’t find it is stores near you but this site is genuine.
  • Raju
    Best Perfume Super already i have use the items
  • Suraj
    The fragrances for both men & women is just amazing & long lasting, In love with these perfumes
  • Manish
    Very seductive Smell
  • Anisha Goyal
    Amazing ❤️ loved it, just now received. all are super goooood
  • Sandeep Sharma
    A nice perfume can really turn on your day..Its not just the essence but the after effect that a quality perfume leaves..
  • anamika singh
    A must have for perfume lovers, so that u can have a variety evryday. I would appreciate the service of the site very much. Loved shopping from perfumebooth.
  • Surbhi
    I purchased sophistique and i am more then happy to tell All that i got my best one.
  • Avni Dutta
    It has got so much flavorsome taste. it is designed to please a girl more than a boy. You will definitely stand and walk with pride after pouring this magical drop on you. I like the product, packaging and the company. No issues just love.
  • Tanvi
    You are getting 28ml of international fragrance for just so less price. Totally worth it. It’s unique new and better each day. I m using it regularly getting more and more love for it.
  • Navya Ahuja
    Now I can’t step out without applying a regular spray. It works great in any weather, but especially you need it during hot and humid weather. Very Happy with it.
  • Trisha Panchal
    I was not a perfume fan before I used this miracle product; I love the fragrance so much that I apply it on my night dress also. Who knows prince charming may kiss you at night also *winks*.
  • Vedhika Arora
    There is something about the fragrance of Urban woman that has attached my soul with it. If I apply it on my palm I like to smell it in between my work also. I feel relaxed and it always grabs my attention. I want more of it now. It’s something to transform every day.
  • Lakshmi
    I loved all the fragrance. It’s a travel to France, UAE, London without a passport. Affordable product for any middle class girl. Cool! Really love it thumbs up to the company.
  • Sanjna
    It last for 5-6 hrs on me. Quite happy with every tester, very new product. All are new and unique. It leaves a deep hue throughout the day. It is very likely to please any girl.
  • Meera Sinha
    The concept of putting seven testers in a box band letting the customers test before they buy a main pack is really great. is great. And the price is also not that much very affordable for international range.
  • Akshara Patel
    My boyfriend liked the smell more than me he wanted to buy one for his mom, my beloved mama’s boy have a taste of his own but I too liked the fragrance. It is made up of new things and works superb on my skin. Great products with a free coupon code.
  • Angel
    Urban Woman is the best thing I tried today. It just made my whole day it was with me till the evening and leave me so much motivated that I decided to write a blog and a review instead Go for it!
  • Shreya Negi
    It has transformed my taste, now I too am a floral fan. I am that kind of person who used to go to sports brand to buy long lasting perfume now I will only purchase from this site.
  • Maryam
    It made me a fan of floral yet intense spray. Really new thing and its beautiful. I love each of the testers. I am now using it regularly and also recommend everyone.
  • Prisha Patial
    Credits to the people who discovered such great fragrances I love it.
  • Aahana
    I have shared selfies with several people everyone have appreciated the fragrance. I think it’s a very genuine imported product I loved it. You can now share and divide the love.
  • Saloni Mhaskar
    The tones are so much fun. It gives you a deep relaxation when you apply. You don’t have to bother about the sweat anymore; you will certainly smell fresh wherever you go. You can carry in your gym bag or to the morning walks. It will make you smell good after exercise.
  • Yamini Bhatia
    This scent reminds of a wide flower garland somewhere far in the mountains. It’s fruity in notes Great for summer outdoors as it will leave you in the springs.
  • Shweta Chhabra
    The Selfie is my sister’s favorite more than mine. I brought it last month but she had used it more than me. She also carries it wherever she goes now I need an invisible bottle like the invisible testers.
  • Manasi Shende
    I would like to recommend this Selfie for the girl in high romance. It smells nice and sweet with a bit of floral notes and mild sootiness that add charm to any dress you will buy anywhere.
  • Rishika Kulkarni
    You don’t need to save one for the best days. So glad with all of the fragrance. It’s like cherry blossom every day. You are waking through the vines of dense fruital notes. So romantic and real.
  • Riya Singh
    Ohh what a product! Never loved a small thing this much before. I always carry different fragrance in different pockets so that I never miss a chance to apply. I am sure you will love all the fragrances inside the pink veiled box.
  • Anky
    They are amazing ! The packaging is convenient to store and use. The combination is great with the fruity dominance
  • Rajeshwari Dutt
    There is something about the fragrance Urban woman I want more of it now. It’s something to transform. I was not a perfume fan before, never used a product as much as this now. Now I can’t step out without applying at least 5-6 sprays. It works great in any weather. Happy with it.
  • Janhavi Sharma
    It took a while to receive but it was worth the wait! I loved all the fragrance. It’s French, UAE in a price so affordable. Cool! Cheers to the fragrance makers
  • Diksha Thakur
    I'm not a floral fan, but this has a nice smooth scent so I like it somehow. It has transformed my taste. Not a bad thing but the amount is really less and needs to be increased.
  • Chitra Rawat
    Smelled like ripe raspberries. A thing to have. Credits to the site and the people who made such great fragrances. Feels like you are walking in the lonely paths of France after you apply the French perfumes. Oh I love it.
  • Prachi Garg
    Sweet and mild. Recommended for the lovebirds. It smells to nice and sweet with a bit of floral notes and mild sootiness. Urban women and dreams women are my and my sister’s favorite things. We apply it regularly and also carry it with us wherever we go.
  • Antara Paul
    Urban Woman is the best, approved by my boyfriend also. Go for it! Great products inside with free coupon code.
  • Sameera Kumari
    It's ok. But yea the concept of testers in a box is great. And the price is also not that much which again a Great thing to have. It last for 5-6 hrs on me. Quite happy with every tester. All are new and unique.
  • Neha Chauhan
    This scent reminds of a flower garland. It’s fruity in notes hides and gently hides bad odor. Great for summer outdoors, or after gym sessions. You don’t have to bother about the sweat anymore; you will certainly smell fresh wherever you go. I have shared one Selfie to my best friend and other to her mother as well. We have seven testers so we can divide in between our best people.
  • Upasana Lamba
    If you are a fan of light, floral yet intense spray this box is for you otherwise a waste of seven testers and money.
  • Yasmin Khan
    Never loved perfume this much before. I’m feeling like keeping all of them safe for the best days. So glad with all of the fragrance, though I felt Compassion is not something of my taste but still it’s good to have.
  • Madhurima
    Ordered this one and Love all of them so much, from packaging to product.. wooww
  • shimpi
    trisha likes it so much tht she hd stop taking a bath jst to hv this smell forever
  • Neha bansal
    This is a great everyday scent!
  • Nitika sharma
    Ohhh my lord. I can't believe how amazing this perfume is. It's freaking perfect I'm so excited to even have this I want and need a life time supply. It's perfect, not to strong not top weak. Lasts all day it's just amazing
  • Sanam
    I love this light, refreshing scent.
  • Elizabeth
    One of my favorite scents ever!
  • jaine
    fruity perfect for summer
  • Tanesha
    It's just ok. Not a spring scent, I'll save it for winter.
  • Krishna
    My gf like this one very much happy
  • mamta bandari
    It's a wonderful fragrance. A fresh floral scent with a subtle warmth to it.
  • sanchari
    This is one of my all time favorites!! Such a beautiful scent love it!!!!!
  • Soniya sharma
    It smells very nice but has a certain after smell that doesn't agree with me to make it a permanent addition to my collection.
  • Ponam singh
    Love this scent A LOT! Such a clean smell, I would've never known about this scent without scentbird, awesome!
  • Niti goyal
    I love this fragrance . So far I have been so very pleased with all the fragrances I have chosen .
  • lisa
    Love love love this perfume❤❤❤❤
  • vanessa Raj
    Smells great......one of my favorites so far.
  • Neha sharma
    Very sweet..doesn't last long on me though..
  • Christen
    It does smell good but not as a perfume. It has a scent that is reminiscent of citrus glade room spray. It has no depth. Just citrus and cherry blossom. But if you are a fan of light, citrus and floral room spray this is for you.
  • Jennifer
    Sweet but mild. It would have been nice of it lasted a bit longer. This scent would be better in a little girls perfume rater than an adult. If I had to choose the best part about wearing this scent, I'd say, that the boyfriend didnt complain about it being too strong or a that it was a hidious odor.
  • Elizabeth
    It smells really nice and soft
  • leyla
    It smells like citrus stronger than I expected but it's good!
  • Leah
    ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!!! By far my favorite scent received.
  • Cynthia
    This one is light and summery smelling. Very floral which I love.
  • Jennifer
    I'm not a huge fan of floral scents but this has a nice smooth scent. I do like it
  • Ebony
    It's ok. It smells really strong on initial spray but calms down. Smell like flowers to me.
  • Ebony
    It's ok. It smells really strong on initial spray but calms down. Smell like flowers to me.
  • ajournaye
    It took a while to receive it but I love love love this fragrance!!!
  • Melissa
    I love the way this smell it's a sweat kind of Bouquet of flowers so yummy
  • chantele
    Love love love!! Floral, slightly fruity, fresh, feminine, a little warmth, and so light!
    I was really looking forward to this fragrance, I was expecting it to be more fruity.. to me smells like soap. It is too floral.. and I didn't notice the notes of raspberries at all.
  • Kate
    I absolutely loved this scent. Fruity and clean. A touch of citrus. Scent lasts a long time.
  • Neha kakar
    I'm in love with this perfume, so sweet and light.
  • Sagar Das
    It is a very good perfume. And we got extra discounts on Perfumebooth. Hence we got it at a very good price as compared to the market. I am really enjoying it.
  • Kajal Aggarwal
    This perfume is like a second skin. I love it's smell and staying power. It is truly
  • Radha Vm
    Really nice smell. Best perfume
  • Ajay Pandey
    Good perfume with limited hours durability. Nice to see various options ,A must try for all youngsters.
  • Shaveta
    Good fragrance..long lasting...Loved it!!!
  • santanu
    I bought it for my friend and she just loved the way parcel has been packaged and fragrances are just unbelievable.
  • Shaveta
    Brilliant concept..Loved It!!!
  • dilip
    This is amazing to gift your girlfriend - trust me and buy now