Wyld 28ml Perfume Selfie


Wyld 28ml Perfume Selfie

MRP : 475

Prive Price : 451.25 (Only for 1st product)

Privé Offer: Buy 3 products to get additional 120 off

Be uncontrollable, be unstoppable, be unruly—because who’s going to cage you? You were born ‘Wyld’ and you need to be set free short

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Customer Reviews

Amit Gajarmal

Amazing long lasting smell...... Event lasting for 7-8 hrs in the summer hot climate of Rajasthan. must try it atleast once.....n you may get your choice of perfume after trial with a discount. This is an economy pack with damn dope packing...ideal for gift also.


perfumes sample set is the best idea, but you're increasing prices..nice fragrances though, it saves a lot of effort and wasting money...

Deepak Jain

Fragrance is damn good and long lasting also !! Only issue is it contains only 28 ML !! Otherwise go for it.

sanjay bisht

Concept is really good . We can try 7 different perfumes and then according to our taste and preference we can order a 100 ml one . . Wyld has the most powerful smelling perfumes . For me Lomani Code is the best .. it's fragnence is pretty amazing and lasts really long ..


Very masculine but not overbearing, there is a scent for every mood. Whether it's a party or a meeting, this pack helped me get through all with ease.

Rajat Tripathi

Most amazingly descriped product, i am delivered with, two day before. I want to share my experience with the product:-


Wao it's great. Very nicely explained eave small aspect has been given full attention. Seven variants in one box is surely a new and innovative concept love to try this.


Some are from Dubai some from France wao and you get vouchers, offers and guides with a mini carry case so it delivers everything and more.

Dharti Dang

I am really happy to buy this.. being a 1st timer at this site i was bit double minded abt the products.. but after receiving i am damm happy i loved this "wyld" collection compared to women, men perfumes are too good good packing and ya got early delivered.. loved this site & products...


I've ordered the wyld men perfume selfie for a friend of mine. And honestly its worth the buy. Wow fragrances in each of those little bottles! I wanted to experiment by buying it for once and now I'm sure I'd love to buy more from this site. Such a different gifting piece. Amazing!!


I brought wyld men perfume selfie..its dammm amazing fragrances...thank you to perfume booth for such awsm perfumes...

Nemat Khan

I am a fragrance freak! have recently brought my Wyld Men perfume Selfie kit from perfume booth. I am happy with their service.

Chintan Vora

Original, urban man and code man are very dynamic and manly fragrance really something to charm your senses.


I love everything about the whole box, the superb customer service, product price, packaging, quality, and its reviews, I was confused if I had brought the right product but yea now I am totally sure of my decision.

Yogesh Patel

PerfumeBooth thank you for such new unique and beautiful concept and fragrances. I never thought I would get this product at Rs 399 only. very cute little testers, you will be always happy to carry it anywhere you go.

Sanjay Bhoir

I love the fact that I am getting seven testers to find out my taste, I have not used perfumes before but after such good discounts on the branded international series I am delighted to buy the fragrance and love to try another Selfie.


Wyld is really a wild taste for those who dares to try new perfumes. You would really love the fragrance because the new flavors are full of some surprises. The blast of fragrance is something that is very unique. it belongs to high quality brands and is very user friendly


I had this wyld one.. this is great concept... silver energy and intense energy are of my type... after testing all i got Creation Energy.. i just love its worm aristrocate notes. Silver was also great. I dnt recommend union though.. but again its my personal preference. As a perfume geek i definitely recommend the product cz it cones in handy wen you can choose 1 from seven and convert it into a 100 ml bottle. Stick concept is awsm. I recently bought Mazculine nd its outstanding. I will review the product later..go for it blund folded and dont wry about packaging and other things..all justifies properly... way to go perfume booth...

Sandeep Singh

If you are a perfume lover don't miss this one and always buy this tester first before buying a 100ml bottle because sometimes the bottle looks good in appearance but the product might just smell bad. So try the testers and then invest on your best perfume.

Subhash Arya

So many new fragrances to try at an affordable price. Lomani Code Man, silver, and classic man is very new. Great thing! It can be used by anyone of any age group. Middle class people with great demands to smell expensive in half its price.

Jatin Deshwal

I never had used a strong perfumes thinking that the smell will be too much noisy and cruel but now after using this I felt like It's worth giving a try once. Carry case is a new concept. I felt very happy after using this.

Ankur Rajput

Perfumes are seductive little toys to create a long lasting first impression. I really liked them all because of the newness in every tester. It's full of imported brand that makes our lives happening.

Ankit Gupta

The perfumes have always been a product to satisfy. It deeply seduces your senses. Perfume does leave a mark. Amazing concept and amazing discounts on the brands that are internationally approved. So good to smell each time. I have now a collection of two perfumes Selfie. Both are good. Very hot and happening.

Akshay Shah

Certainly a product to seduce. It's so great. I was blown away with the fragrance blast of many of the testers inside each of these is different English Blazer is the most addictive tester inside. A great kit to purchase.

Vinod Sondkar

A great option to buy if you want cheap international fragrance a perfume can really save you in those unplanned dates and meetings. It's long lasting strong and loud but decent in taste. I love to smell it on my palm I also apply it on my handkerchief and it's good to smell it in between the bad odor things. Just men's series of perfection. Happy with service, and product quality.

Shivam Kharolia

It's a summer favorite thing. Very effective in hot weather. For me Silver is the best scent .then I like Union, its also very deep. all the fragrances are different and new. You can try each one for different events.. Each day. Silver is best worn formal.

Tarun Patel

It has the best collection for men's store. No more that you have to go to the sports brands to get the strongest perfumes that will last long. They are strong, wild and very decent to smell. You would love to wear it every day.

Viraj Chaudhary

Urban Man is my top choice. I have brought Urban Man, 100ml bottle, redeeming the 501 coupon code and really got the product in half of its price. The Selfie kit helps you to identify your taste which is very new thing. Loved it.

Sanya Singh

Thank you so much for the lovely fragrances you have send me. I really love all the 7 perfumes. Delivered in just 4 day. Im so happy.. will shop more.. Thanks again...


I bought this perfume selfie for my friend, and he really loved it. Its worth every penny. Such a great product with new concept offering so many new fragrances at so affordable price.


The perfumes are really Good !!!


Amazing Concept..full value of money.


Nice collection...Little bit summer-ish. Urban Man is one of the best citrus aquatic smell I have ever smelt.


Wow ....diz Iz Amazing seriously I Never tried diz kinda perfume n the fragrence Iz seducing

Nitin Singhal

Lomani Code Man is my taste. i loved the smell it's just perfect for my senses. I always wanted a perfume like this thank you perfumebooth for making me aware of such a great thing I will love to redeem my coupon for the 100 ml bottle.

Sahil Sahni

Perfumes are seductive little devils. And in perfume Selfie it comes in mini testers. I really liked them all. First it was bit strong for my taste but otherwise service is okay

Reetesh Singh

It's ancient and romantic. Try it if you want to fall in love again. I have gained a touching memory with one of the fragrance and got too many compliments in a single day of application. Perfume does leave a mark. Amazing concept.

Hardik Gaur

Certainly a product to seduce. I was blown away with the fragrance of Original of English Blazer. It's addictive and magical.

Shivam Agrawal

So many new fragrances to try at an affordable price. Great thing! It can be used by middle class people with great demands to smell expensive in half its price.

Jayant Singh

I have selected Urban Man of Emper, 100ml bottle, redeeming the coupon code I got with the kit, I had gifted it to my father he loved and blessed me for that.

Aritra Sen

A great option for those who like to use silent but long lasting for freshness. A perfume can really save you in those unplanned dates and meetings. It's long lasting strong and loud. Just the way a men's series of perfume should be. Happy with service, and product.

Mayank Gupta

It's my new favorite thing; use a new tester every day. Urban Man and Silver is my choice of the box. They are strong, wild and very decent to smell. Not as loud as many of the perfume for men.

Dheerendra Yadav

For me Silver is the best long lasting scent in the kit I will like to redeem my coupon for that. Next I like Union and Code Man, all the fragrances are different and new. You can try each one each day.

Nakul Gautam

I never had used strong perfumes before but now after using this I felt like It's worth giving a try once. Carry case is a new concept. I felt very happy after using this.


Wyld Men Selfie All 7 good perfume, Creation ENERGY is the best long lasting & feels energized.


These were really superb... I ordered it online and the fragrance was amazing... Thank U perfumebooth...


Good perfume. Fragrance is refreshing , Innovative concept.


Old wine in new bottle. Its a strong Deo, not perfume. The perfume is used to make you feel good & happy but deo gives you headache because of its strong smell.

Gopal krishna

loved this one! smells great and stays on for so long

kamal parkash

A bit stronger then i had remembered. Have to be very aware of the amount you spray on. A little is more.