Lurve 28ml Perfume Selfie


Lurve 28ml Perfume Selfie

MRP : 475

Prive Price : 451.25 (Only for 1st product)

Privé Offer: Buy 3 products to get additional 120 off

She is all things classic. You’d picture her walking down the Parisian streets, holding a dozen carnations. She personifies ‘Lurve’. She is special and you know that.

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Customer Reviews

Ruchi Jain

Perfumebooth is really very good website ... I have received selfie perfume and really happy to got my product . If girls want to try selfie perfume range then go for this one . ??????

Moksha Thakkar

Unique concept of perfume selfie ,amazing combination of mesmerizing smell of different perfumes, 7 perfume for 7 different mood.. preety cool packing ....


Very good product satisfied with the packing. Worth buying, good smell. Got with a pretty good discount. So happy to purchase.

Rajni Arora

Good packaging and service. All fragrances are beautiful, but my favourite is Lurve. As I am a floral fan, I may well order a Chifon of this for my sister's Gift present.


Very good product for daily use with reasonable price.


Now you get to wear it anywhere because here perfumes are cheaper than the regular sites. I tried many but this I really would appreciate.


Amazing love the fragrance


Each n every fragrance is special. Its just awesome a must buy product if yu love fragrances...

Shubham Raje

Bought Wyld, the delivery was very quick. Perfumes are really awesome. 7 perfumes in one pack a great deal. "urban man" is my fav


Very inexpensive box with dynamic combinations of musky floral aquatic scents I love it.

Jyotsna aneja

I saw its advertisement on facebook. And grqb my hands on lurve one... All i can say is it is blast of fragrances.... So mild n awesumm. I specially i love chiffon one.... Just perfect for me.... Want to shop more with you... Your customer support on facebook is amazing... A big thanks to the team for this revolutionary concept


The collection is really good and it is also long lasting best part is you can carry it in the smallest pockets to the furthest places.


All the perfume are long lasting I read that it belongs to the EDP range that makes it more long lasting because of the notes. The fragrances are calm yet beautiful. I was waiting for this type of perfume since a long time.

Nisha Tiwari

It's an amazing deal. Whether you are perfume lover or not this magical product will surely going to entertain you for a long time. all the seven testers are love surely share with my girlfriends.

Priyanka Sainy

Viveca and Chiffon are like sister fragrance. Both are classic perfumes I loved the tester. Gold is the unique one out of the box because it is slightly different from the range that is available in the box. You are getting so much with this amazing price.


You won't regret with a single tester, it's so new its fruity yet very bold the service is fast and it reached me before I expected, I got amazing discount plus there is a voucher inside making the fragrance more beautiful.


This site is a swagger it has dynamic range of fruital and floral series of perfumes. I love the Lurve Perfume Selfie box. It's a pink beauty, very delicate, few will smell like bubblegum.


Very natural smelling everyday perfume and it is long lasting for outdoors. The tester has enough fragrance and I love it very unique. So cool and floral. It's like spring in every corner. The Selfie case is also dynamic. Cool stuff.

Archana Pawar

It defines it's seek sophistication with every spray. It gives away a Floral, Woody, Oriental fragrance with its various notes of Sichuan Pepper, Vanilla, Sandalwood, Cardamon and Agarwood in different testers. Certainly a great pick. Loved the product.

Divya Mishra

Captured happiness in the essence, this perfume is for the woman who creates her own paths to walk. Bold and beautiful it the words that comes with the essence. This perfume box has an air of mystery about it. I am highly impressed with it.


A sophisticated note of fragrance is here, you will avail offer code inside I like the fragrance. Few of them are a bit musky. You are surely goanna love some of the testers great thing to try now.


The best thing is the concept. I am grateful to the site that it is bringing so good new products to Indian market in a value most suitable to Indian audience.


The box is like a blast of spring in the summery winters. It has so many fruity notes very natural. It is very dynamic and spreads fast. People will smell it from far away. Cool thing!

Nitara Khatri

The fragrance won't irritate you. It's very new to your skin and gently settles into the skin leaving a deep cool effect. So fair, in love with this box very nice display in the box.

Nisha Mourya

You can grow old with a fragrance like this. I just love this Lurve box. So many messy fragrances, so many dynamic reviews about it. I feel like it's a dynamic box with a possibility to seduce anyone. Very addictive long lasting and happy flavors.

Mitali Kapoor

Gold and viveca is very long lasting and strong. True reflection is very dynamic and Lomami sensual is very romantic. You will get various flavors of joy in one box. It's very cheap and sober to carry anywhere. you will love it.


Nothing makes perfume shopaholics happier than getting some imported international product you wish to buy in amazing discount and tester series. I am so grateful to this new site. Amazing!

Pratyusha Johar

Now you don't have to give away whole of your pocket money to purchase one amazing product. Great concept. Your love for fragrance will take a lead when you will avail amazing discount coupon with every single purchase. There is coupon inside the packs also that had made me happier to purchase this thing I am super exited to use rest of the testers on me.

Manya Kaul

Always find your favorite perfumes nearby with this amazing perfume site. I have got the best branded international products at my doorstep within a few. It provided imported branded quality fragrance with amazing offers and discounts; I like all the fragrance within the amazing kit.

Arunima Guneta

I am a hardcore perfume lover, I have tried almost every kind of perfume that comes in every shade and fragrance, i am very happy with the perfume booth's collection of everyday international perfume which is both exotic and pocket friendly. I am satisfied with the customer service and will be a regular customer to try out new aroma from now onward.


The box from this site is like Doorstep delivery of your secret desired temptation. It's so real and fun. Everything is new and very desirable. You will get long lasting fragrance of very unique products in one place. All are international testers so it is very good in quality and quantity is also enough. I like it and so recommended!

Ishanvi Dwivedi

It is very flowery and one spray is enough. The initial smell is strong but turns out into delicate and feminine after few hours of application. Very genuinely good product.

Ishita Gupta

The product comes in really nice packing. The carry case is also handy. However there are few miniatures which seem extremely less in quantity. The smells are really nice. I will buy more to try more. Something really innovative and useful!

Anushka Goel

Every tester in the love series is full of mysterious wild fragrance. It's very charming in one bottle romantic in other and floral in yet other. I super liked the box it's very lovable.


Thank you perfume booth I have never loved a perfume box this much before. It's so unique with so much of variety. I can even apply it on my nightdress to sleep peacefully

Pihu Desai

I have Gifted Chiffon to my best friend to redeem the coupon and she was overjoyed with I loved to her ser that happy I was not expecting that. This is an amazing concept and a great way for customers to try a perfume before they buy the main one.

Bhumika Chauhan

I really love this box it has something very unique about it! It has lots of taste inside. Nice thing to carry anywhere you go. I Love Chiffon, you will get the best products from this site.

Esha Reddy

All of them smell great. Value for money product. 7 testers don't copy each other's fragrance which is a nice thing. You are getting really wide range of international branded perfume within the same box and carry case is really useful.

Manpreet Kaur

It is an aquatic fragrance that is intended to increase the freshness. Perfect site with really fast doorstep service.

Poonam Singh

Lurve perfume Selfie for women is a great match for any occasion it has fragrance that will remain in your memory for a long time.

Richa Shah

I really admire this perfume Selfie kit, good lasting fragrance and spread a cooling effect. All those who have smelled the product admired it. It's a memorable thing with the new kind of variety and its perfect for me and any girl out there.

Nikita Singh

First thing I will say is that it is very long lasting. Now it's an essential part of my life. It is a high quality product. Gold is my favorite scent because of the rich aroma. It has high quality ingredients and I am happy with my carry case, it looks very pretty.

Anusha Jain

Very new and innovative concept with lots of happy flavors of new brands. I am a college student and I can afford it easily. I am Happy with the company that it is bringing out such amazing genuine product in such fewer prices.


If you are looking for an iconic perfume, than try the brands here. I have tried two boxes of Selfie and I am happy with both. I like is one more as the collection inside this box Is much more dynamic. I have found my favorite scents and will buy some more of it Thank you perfumebooth.

Arisha Rahman

Great website, the thing I liked the most is that perfume booth knows the taste of a girl the customized box has every new smell that is independent and elegant. It is accompanied with exiting Rs 501 voucher. And nice range of tester products. I will try new Selfie boxes also.

Supriya Revankar

The best product for me is the one which is very dynamic in character. Creation Pour is really so sweet and nice Fragrance it smells so fresh throughout the day. I like all the perfumes I the collection.

Himanshi Kakade

I ordered Lurve and it came out to be the most beautiful online gift to me. I will try new Selfie boxes also. It's one of the best things to gift. All are international products. And there is a lot of variety in each tester series. You will be overwhelmed with the response from the company.


Its been a great experience really been a great help to find d best one for me


It smells sweet but it's not overpowering, which I love....

Khoorafati chits

I only love perfumes because it's attracting others on me. Even I feel confident in this hot summer all day without any single smell..