Our Story

Coming from a family that has been in the perfume business for the last 30 years, Rohit Agrawal has managed to understand the fragrance market perfectly. He has been born and brought up in an environment that speaks the ‘fragrance language’. After getting into the distribution business, Sunil,Rohit and Richa realized that the market for fragrance in India is dominated by deodorants. They managed to crack the code when they figured that perfumes are associated with an ‘expensive’ purchase, whereas deodorants are ‘affordable’. So, they began working on The Perfume Booth that offers amazing fragrances from all over the world at affordable prices. For about a year they thoroughly studied and researched the Indian market and devised this plan in a manner that the customers get to try their perfumes before they buy them. A unique concept that has never been explored before, they managed to eliminate the various steps in marketing and distributing a perfume and brought premium quality fragrances from all over the world directly to the customers using the Perfume Booth. 

Our Team

  • Sunil Dutt

    Sunil Dutt a qualified finance professional has managed finances of large corporations in logistics, pharmaceuticals, FMCG and Information technology sectors in role of CFO in his illustrious career of 20 years in companies like PSBedi Group, Bakson (Dr. Bakshi) and Applitech. Trying to find a more fulfilling challenge in life, he decided to get into the business of perfumes and met Rohit Agrawal. Together they have worked on The Perfume Booth.

  • Rohit Kumar Agrawal

    Rohit Kumar Agrawal’s family has been in the fragrance business internationally since the last 30 years. Having been in business for the last 8 years, Rohit has tried his hands in multiple businesses but finally found his heart belonged to the fragrance industry. Rohit looks after the Marketing aspect of the business and has completed the MPEFB from IIM – Bangalore.

  • Richa Agrawal

    Richa Agrawal completed her graduation from Delhi University and went on to work with brands like GAP and Mont Blanc. A travel enthusiast who has the knack for looking at the aesthetic beauty in even the most mundane things, Richa brings her creative expertise to The Perfume Booth.