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Everything you want to know about Perfumebooth

Privé Membership :-

Privé membership allows the customer to enjoy benefits of Rs. 1001, instantly added to his or her account on registration. Right now, you can simply register to the website and avail this privé membership without any charges (limited time offer).
Privé membership is free.

Privé price is the special price applicable only for Privé members. You can understand it more here:

  • If product price is less than 500, Privé price will be = MRP - (5% PB Points)
  • If product price is between 500 and 1000, Privé price will be = MRP - (10% PB Points)
  • If product price is more than 1000, Privé price will be = MRP - (501 GV)

Note: Privé price is applicable on first product purchase only. However, you can always use available PB Points and PB Cash for discount.

PB Discounts :-

501 Gift Voucher, PB Cash and PB Points comes under PB Discounts. PB Cash or PerfumeBooth Cash & PB Points or PerfumeBooth Points are cash backs given to customers on every purchase. You can avail them (except PB Cash) on registration, referring a friend and buying products. On every purchase, you can use and earn PB points and PB cash. To more know about 501 Gift Voucher please read 501 Gift Voucher section.

Additional Discounts :-

PerfumeBooth gives instant discount on every transaction as per,

  • Rs. 120 off on purchase of 3 products in single transaction.
  • Rs. 240 off on purchase of 6 products in single transaction.
  • Rs. 360 off on purchase of 9 products in single transaction.
On every purchase you can assured avail 5% PB Cash and 10% PB points on grand total before shipping. Apart from this, you can also avail a 501 gift voucher on purchase of every Perfume Selfie.

501 Gift Voucher :-

With every purchase of Perfume Selfie Box, a discount voucher worth Rs. 501 added to your account. This voucher can be used against a bigger perfume bottle worth Rs. 1000 or more. If you are buying Perfume Selfie from any other Market places, you will get a voucher in the box, which you can add to your Perfume Booth account by signing up.
Log on to The Perfume Booth using your user id. Add a perfume bottle of minimum value of Rs. 1000 or more to the shopping cart. Before making the final payment, select voucher. You will get a discount worth Rs. 501 on the original order.
The gift voucher can be redeemed only against the any perfume bottle with minimum value of Rs. 1000 or more.
There is no minimum purchase price. However, it can be redeemed only against perfume bottle worth Rs. 1000 or more.
Perfume Booth does not offer an option to add two or more discount codes against one order.
Perfume Booth does not offer an option to add two or more discount codes against one order.
Please write to us at admin@perfumebooth.com or call us at 011-40098888 and we will get back to you at the earliest.

Perfume Selfie :-

A Perfume Selfie is a stylish patent-pending device that is used to carry the smaller perfume vials and make it look bigger and stylish. It makes the smaller perfume vials easy enough to fit in your hand yet small enough to fit in your pocket or purse.
Inside the Perfume Selfie Box, you will get 7 perfumes chosen from 7 brands, one Perfume Selfie, a box to keep on your dressing table along with two brochures.
Each box contains seven perfumes of 4ml each. With 14 sprays a day, the Selfie Box should last for 30 days.
No. All variants of perfumes have been handpicked and chosen as per the personality of the box.

About the Perfume Selfie Box :-

The empty 4ml vials can be used to fill other perfumes. If you wish to dispose them, we advise you to send them for recycling.
The Perfume Selfie can be used to fit in the smaller perfumes.
The Perfume Selfie Box is an attractive box that can be used to store small things on the dressing table.

Perfume vs. Deodorant :-

Deodorants are primarily used to cover body odour, where as perfumes are used to give long-lasting fragrance.
An EDT has about 8-12% perfume content where as an EDP has 12-18% perfume content.
An EDT should last for about 4 hours.
An EDP should last for about 6 hours.

How to use perfumes properly :-

Read the brochure in the box for all the details.
About 6-8 sprays at one time are good enough. The key to wearing perfume is that the more sublime it is, the classier it is. Do not overspray.
Perfumes should be sprayed at pulse point. Please click here to know more.
Perfumes last longer when you are in a closed environment, preferably air-conditioned. When you sweat a lot, the perfumes will not last that long.
Everybody has their own smell. So, obviously different perfumes will smell differently or different people. It’s very important to find the right perfume for your body.
Your nose gets used to/immune to the same smell if you use the same perfume every day. You should keep changing perfumes but have a favourite one that becomes synonymous to your identity.

Don’t keep the perfume under the sun :-

  • Never overspray perfumes.
  • Keep changing perfumes.
  • Carry your perfume in your pocket/purse to reapply whenever needed.

About the perfume :-

Most of the perfumes are imported from France and the UAE.
These perfumes are as good as any of your international brands.
The money spent by international brands on advertising, marketing, branding, license fee, etc are minimal in our case. Additionally the perfumes are sent to you directly, so there are no middlemen involved and that makes the price amazing.

Rating :-

Rating and feedback enables other users to get view on how other consumers such as you think about the product. This will help other customers make a better purchase.

Billing :-

Debit card, credit card, net banking, cash cards, mobile wallets and COD options are available.
Yes, COD option is available. There is an additional charge of Rs. 20 on every COD order.

Shipping :-

Yes, the option to track the order is available. Once your order is dispatched, you will receive an SMS with the name of the courier company and the ABW number. You may track your order from the company website using this number.

Shipping is :-

  • 45 on 1 product
  • 75 on 2 products
  • 100 on 3 products
  • 130 on 4 products
  • 160 on 5 products

Above this, shipping of Rs. 30 per product is applicable.

We dispatch the stock within 24-48 working hours. Delivery time may vary from 24 hours to 120 hours, depending on your location.
While buying the product you may enter the pin code to check if we deliver the stock to the mentioned area. We cover 7,000 pin codes with the help of our logistic partners.

Returns and refunds :-

Products once purchased cannot be returned unless they are received in a damaged condition.
As we do not take back returns, we do not offer refunds. If your product is received in a damaged condition, we will send you a replacement.
If the products are received as damaged, please mail us a picture of the product along with the courier box and details at connect@perfumebooth.com
We will offer free Perfume Selfie Box to fashion and beauty bloggers who wish to cover us. Please send your details on admin@perfumebooth.com and we will get in touch with you.
Do you wish to cover us? Please get in touch with us on admin@perfumebooth.com and our representative will get in touch with you.
For bulk enquiry, please write to us on admin@perfumebooth.com and our representative will get in touch with you.
For corporate gifting, please write to us on admin@perfumebooth.com and our representative will get in touch with you.
Retailers may get in touch with the address stated below.
Please write to us on the email stated below and our representative will get in touch with you. Email Id is admin@perfumebooth.com.
To be the world’s largest sellers of perfumes by focusing on giving customers the best quality perfumes at the cheapest possible price.
To be creative, young and dynamic throughout the life of the organization with a view to build an institution that stands for customer service, employee benefit, profits and steady growth.