Why You Should Experience Your Perfume?

Trying a perfume before buying it is a pretty common step. We all try to take out time from our busy schedules to buy the right perfume whenever we need it. However, for most of us, taking this time out and going on a perfume shopping spree can always come with loads of stress. After sniffing all those perfumes it can give you a bad headache. Or worse could happen when all the perfumes start smelling same after trying out 5-6 ones straight in a row. How many times it has happened to you that you loved a perfume in the store but as soon as you were home, the scent started smelling differently.


When you sniff too many Perfumes at the same time, in a store full of perfumes, your senses starts dulling down. You will not be able to tell the difference among two scents. It is difficult to make the right decision then and there by sniffing a perfume once or twice. You need a true perfume experience that allows you to find out if the perfume is the one or not. Instead of wasting your money on these perfumes, why not try them at the comfort of your home and buy when you feel right.

Scent Shot, a revolutionary product in the world of perfumes allows you to try international brands perfumes at the comfort of your home. With this product, you can get 7 international perfumes and a carry case at the price of a single perfume bottle. Each perfume vial contains 5 ml of perfume making it a total of 35 ml. You can get up to 100 sprays from these lasting for more than a month. Before spending money on the perfumes available in the market, trying them through Scent Shot is really a great idea.

You can carry these vials with you anywhere you wish by slipping it into the carry case. It is small enough to fit into the palm of your hand and can be carried in a handbag, clutch bag, pocket or gym bag. Use all the 7 perfumes in different situations and find out about their intensity. If you love any of these, you can buy the same perfume using the Rs. 501 gift voucher that comes with every scent shot. It will give you flat 501 off on any international perfume worth Rs. 1000 or more available on the website. Isn’t it fabulous.

However, in case you love Scent Shot and wish to try other variants or refill the same one, it can be done as well. You can use the 3 vouchers worth Rs. 100 also available with every Scent Shot box. It will give you flat Rs.100 off on the refill purchase.

How it is beneficial to try perfume with miniature vials?

When you have miniature vials handy of popular international best perfumes bottles, you have all the freedom of trying the fragrance at your comfort. Wear a fragrance every morning, testing one at a time and using it throughout the day. This way, you can easily understand which fragrance will make you feel good, which is not suiting your taste and senses, which one lasts most and which one evaporate in matter of minutes.

You can try out the perfume in every situations, ambience and circumstances to test the perfume. This will help in making the decision on which perfume will be the best investment for you. Once decided, you can purchase the perfume of your choice and use it at your heart’s will. So, from now on, make it a ritual to try the perfume for as long as you wish instead of just in the store. This will give you the satisfaction of money as well as getting a desired scent.

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