Why Miniature Perfumes Are An Ideal Gift?

Scent Shot Drifter MenWhen you are looking for one of a kind gift for someone, you will get many options. However, not all of them will prove their importance. A gift should be something that the person can utilise not rarely but every day. It should be much more than just a decorative piece or something, which will keep lying around in the house or somewhere in the desk drawer. If you are looking for a one of a kind gift, miniature perfume for men and women can be an ideal option for you. Some of you might be thinking that a perfume has nothing special about, it is a very common gift, but the miniature pack has such amazing feature that they make it an instant hit for anyone who loves perfume as well as stylish gifts.

Here Is What Makes It An Ideal Gift:-

Contains 7 perfumes in one box: every box of scent shot contains 7 perfumes from 7 different international brands. Each perfume is meant for a unique environment, ambience and mood giving you ample options to use every day. You can smell different on every day of the week with ease having all these options. It is said that one should change their perfume every now and then; miniature perfumes give you this opportunity.

Stylish looks: Mini perfume brands like Scent shot comes in a stylish looking box that is sleek and attractive. It is a sturdy box, which you can carry with you anywhere you like in your handbag, gym bag or luggage bag. It will fit easily. Moreover, you can even showcase it on your desk or vanity table. It can stand on its own flaunting all 7 perfumes.

Carry friendly: In this fragrance set, you will also get carry case in which you can put the miniature perfume and keep it in your bag easily. This carry case is spill proof and leak proof. It is small and discreet so no one will know that you are carrying perfume with you. It looks like a small pen or lipstick.

Budget-friendly: This is a gift, which contains every feature and is budget friendly as well. Scent shot miniature perfume pack is available at a minimal cost of 899 only containing 7 international perfume.

Refillable: This feature is great for the person you are giving it as a gift. He or she can easily get refill packs using discount vouchers available in the pack. When their scent shot pack is finished, they can either get the same one or try any other variant that they will like to have.

Free gift vouchers: with every pack of miniature perfumes such as Scent shot you will also get discount gift vouchers worth Rs. 801 free. You can use it to get flat 501 off on full-size perfume bottle on the website as well as flat 100 off three times on refill packs. This pack has a gift within a gift, making it just perfect for every occasion.

Various options for everyone: Scent Shot mini perfume pack is available men and women having 3 variants for each. You can easily find something for someone you know. With 7 perfumes in one pack, they have all the options of fragrances.

You can buy this perfume pack easily online in India at a budget-friendly price and get it delivered in any part of the country. It can be gifted on birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and on any occasion, you want. It is available for Miniature Perfume for Men and women, so you will not have to search a lot for that perfect gift, suitable for everyone.

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