Why Choosing Perfumes According To Skin and Hair

The way a perfume works is not a very complicated task. You choose the fragrance you like, pick it up, uncap it and spray wherever you feel like and it’s done. It is as simple as this but how the perfume actually works is a lot different. The fragrance molecules that are mixed in the perfume base of oil or alcohol will allow the molecules to spread around the skin and hold on to it. The body heat will then cause evaporation of the scent molecules spreading the fragrance all around you. In this process, when the perfume touches the skin before spreading around, it is also mixed with the pheromones released by one’s body.Rich & Ruitz Perfumes

These pheromones are your natural scent and it works just like DNA with every person having his or her own unique fragrance. No matter what kind of perfume you apply, it will merge with pheromones to add a unique touch to the fragrance. This is the reason why every perfume smells different on different people and why the perfume that was smelling amazing on your friend is unable to give off that scent on you. To make sure that your perfume is smelling amazing, it is crucial that you choose a fragrance according to your physical traits such as hair and skin. Here’s how you can do it,

For Dry Skin And Dry Hair:

If you have dry skin and hair, it is best if you avoid alcohol based perfumes and fragrances. They will make your skin feel more irritated and dry. Rather, it is best if you invest in perfumes that have oil base so that the fragrance molecules can stick to your skin and can provide moisture to it. Perfumes like floral based orientals, florals, and citruses would be best for you.

For Oily Skin And Oily Hair:

If you have oily skin and hair, stick to the perfumes that have alcohol in it but not too much. Eau de parfum are the right type for you. For scent, you can try out any fragrance family as all of them will last long and smell good on you, unless until you like them. Rich & Ruitz Perfumes offer a wide range for your skin type.

For Combination Skin And Hair:

Similarly, for people with combination skin, you can wear perfumes that are oil-based as well as alcohol based and enjoy the lasting fragrance. You can also try out any fragrance family if you like them according to your mood.

How To Purchase A Perfume?

The best way to purchase a perfume is to try it out on your skin. When you are in the store, trying out various fragrances, try not to apply it all on the skin as it might confuse your senses. Use tester papers to try them all until you are down to just 2-3 perfumes. Once it is done, apply the perfume on your skin keeping a good distance between all the perfumes and take a sniff after 5 minutes. This way the perfume molecules would have adjusted to your pheromones allowing you to understand the scent if it is working for you or not.

In case you are buying perfume online, this can be done as well all you have to do it order the tester shots. You can use these tester shots at the comfort of your home and enjoy the fragrance while making up your mind about the right one. To ensure that you are getting high-quality fragrances and 100% original perfumes from top-selling brands like Rich & Ruitz Cologne than you can try out Perfume Booth, India’s leading online perfume store. Over here you can get more than 400 perfume and deodorant variants from different international brands for men and women. Visit the website and order your tester pack right away!

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