Which Notes Are Best For Ladies In The Winter Season?

Ladies PerfumesWinter is the best time for looking fabulous. You can wear stylish clothes, layer them in the best way, with perfect makeup and hair without worrying about sebum production on the skin and sweating. However, there is one thing that can be a bit tricky for you, making it difficult to look and smell perfect. Yes, you guessed it right, it is your perfume. Wearing perfume in the winter season is a lot trickier as compared to other seasons due to the absence of proper levels of body heat.

If you understand the mechanics of perfumes, you will be aware of the fact that the scent molecules need heat to evaporate and spread around. In its absence, the perfume molecules will not be able to evaporate and dissipate as it is supposed to. You will not be able to enjoy the sillage and the scent will not be able to last for long. In case you are planning to purchase a good perfume to smell amazing in the colder months of the year, here are some notes which you can try out in order to make your ladies perfume noticeable:

Woody Accords:

Woody accords are best winter season as it has a warm earthy aroma that goes well with lower temperature in this season. You can go for the rosewood, sandalwood, cedarwood, vanilla, patchouli, oud, amber wood, oakmoss, amber and so on. All these are sourced naturally from plants for giving you an unbeatable aroma. Moreover, being warm in aroma, such perfumes are able to last longer on the skin and require very little heat to travel around you giving you a perfect sillage.

Floral Accords:

Floral perfumes are the classic scents that go well with almost every season given you are choosing it in the right strength. Go for the stronger floral aromas with a base of woods and spices to smell amazing in the winter season. Various perfume for girls and ladies with winter-friendly floral aroma are available with brands like Baugsons, Colour Me, Perfumer’s Choice, Lomani, MPF and several other international options available online in India.

Oriental Accords:

One of the most popular perfume types for the winter season is oriental scents. Inspired from the Arabic markets and old souks in the middle east, these perfumes are warm, spicy and highly aromatic. Just one spray of this perfume is potent enough to make you smell amazing for hours. Go for the perfumes with frankincense, oud, roses, sandalwood and tree gums for that mind-blowing scent.

Spicy Accords:

Are you a fan of tangy zesty notes? If yes, spicy perfumes are your poison for the winter season. The warm, earthy, tangy aroma of a blend of spices with other aromatic notes will make you the center of attention wherever you go. Spicy notes are considered as good as citruses are for the summer season. They have a fresh zesty vibe about them, giving you a fresh feel and lasting freshness. Go for the Sichuan pepper, pepper, black pepper, cardamom, cinnamon, Cloves, and such other aromatic warm herbs for having that enticing winter fragrance.

Gourmand Notes:

Another fabulous fragrance meant for the winter season is the one with gourmand notes. A blend of sweet warm earthy notes is enough to make you smell pleasing and inviting. If you want to be the center of attention with the warmth of comfort, this is the best scent for you. You can choose any perfume with the aroma of honey, caramel, vanilla, burnt sugar, chocolate, white chocolate, cream and sweet fruits for that warm comforting fragrance in the winter season.

Several international brands have recently launched a new collection of winter-friendly scents on Perfume Booth. If you are looking for some new scent for the season, you can try these ones by ordering the sample tester bottles.

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