Which Are The Popular Perfume Types In India?

Famous Perfumes in IndiaThe perfume world is vast and wide offering something new to everyone. When you are a perfume lover, you know all these types to pick the best of them. However, for someone trying fragrances for the first time, it is a whole new experienced. If you also want the best perfume experience, there are certain notes which you must try. Here are some of the popular perfume types loved by Indians which you must try,

Floral Perfumes:

Some of the famous perfumes in India have a floral aroma. These perfumes are the ones with a soothing floral aroma. It can be the aroma of a single flower or two or more. These are available in strong as well as the elegant aroma. #Dreamer is one of the best floral perfumes. You can wear these perfumes every season.

Woody Perfumes:

The warm and rich aroma of woody perfume is truly intoxicant. Enjoy the depth of perfume with sandalwood and rosewood. There is patchouli, oakwood, and other aromatic woods too. It is luxurious in every breath. #Challenger and #Achieve are the best woody perfumes. It is best for evenings and nights, especially in colder months.

Citrusy Fresh Perfumes:

This is one of the most used and loved perfume types. If you are not sure what to wear, go with citrusy fresh perfumes. With the aroma of juicy and tangy citrus fruits and citrus flowers, these perfumes have it all. Enjoy the aroma of oranges, mandarin oranges, bergamot, neroli, lemon, and lime. Notes of ginger herbs are also part of it. The aroma of orange blossoms adds a magical touch. These are perfect for summer, spring, and monsoon for all-day wear. Try #trendsetter and #swag for this aroma.

Herby Perfumes:

This perfume type is the heart of the summer and monsoon season. It has the aroma of fresh-cut grass, leaves, coriander, ginger, cardamom, and rosemary. Herbs have an incredibly positive effect on your personality. They rejuvenate you and boost your mood. Enjoy this aroma with perfumes like #EternalLove and #IntoTheWild.

Warm Oriental Perfumes:

If you wish to try something unique, warm oriental fragrances are for you. The aroma of spices like pepper, Sichuan pepper, bay leaf, and cloves take you to another world. The tree resins, frankincense, incenses, and such rich deep notes add to make it better. This is perfect for nights and the fall season.

Having a few of these or one from all these types will keep you ready for every mood. Change your perfumes often to keep them noticeable.

Why EDP is your best bet for a lasting freshness?

Perfumes are available in various categories. Each has a different concentration deciding the sillage and longevity of aroma. The higher the concentration, the better it will smell. Eau de parfum or EDP is considered one of the most reliable ways for a lasting aroma. A standard EDP has a 15% concentration.

However, some brands like Perfumer’s Club offer an 18% concentration. With this, you can enjoy the aroma for up to 12 hours. The aroma is crisp, vivid, and lasts for hours. Apart from the rich aroma, these perfumes last long too. Since you need only a couple of sprays, the bottle would last for more than a month.

Where can I get original branded perfumes?

If you wish to enjoy Famous Perfumes in India, head to an online perfume store. Over here, they offer original perfumes, especially on the brand website. You can buy perfumes online and get them delivered anywhere in India. Every perfume is checked for quality giving you an unbeatable aroma. Try all these notes, get EDP and you can be the best smelling person in every season.

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