What Is the Range of Deodorant?

DeodorantsWhen your day starts with a spray of deodorant, it kinda becomes an essential part of your everyday life. Without a good deodorant, you cannot beat the sweaty smell or stay fresh for a very long time. Taking a bath every single day is a good thing, but it is surely not enough to make you smell good. You need a boost of freshness with a deodorant. In India, you can find a wide variety of aromatic perfumed body sprays from top known brands. All these deodorant sprays come in a different price range and product category. If you are planning to purchase one soon, here are some of the popular categories and deodorant spray brands that you can try out soon.


Among the budget-friendly range is the perfumed body spray for men and women that are available in combo packs. They are the discounted body sprays from big brands known around the world. Some brands like Colour Me and Lomani are providing exquisite smelling body sprays with a heavenly fragrance inspired by popular fragrances available with these brands. You can go for the three deodorant combo pack or the one with 4 in the pack. These are always discounted, and it is worth trying all different deodorants for different moments of the day or moods. They are generally available from Rs. 500-999 range for a pack of three or four.

Niche international perfumed body sprays:

These perfumed body sprays for girls and boys are inspired by top-selling international perfumes and are created for different moods. With high perfume essence, they can deliver fragrance lasting for more than 6 hours which is pretty impressive for a deodorant. You can find these perfumed body sprays with brands like Chris Adams, Lomani, R&R, Louis Cardin, and JD Man. You can find them online in India at Perfume Booth. The cost of the deodorant spray in this category varies from Rs. 300-800 for single deodorant or a pack of 2 deodorants depending on the brand.

Non-alcoholic body sprays:

This perfumed body spray category is quite different from the other ones. It is free from alcohol hence the aroma is simply outstanding. Non-alcoholic deodorants are made from natural ingredients and they are perfect for sensitive skin. Due to the absence of all kinds of chemicals and alcohol, this perfumed deodorant variety is safe to be used on all kinds of skin giving you a scent that is pure and aromatic. You can buy them in India online at Perfume Booth with brands like Otoori, a popular international brand known for its oriental scents. If you have prior experience with allergies related to body sprays or have sensitive skin, you should give this a try. Such variety is also halal and perfect for religious Muslims who follow Islam with their heart.

To smell amazing for long hours, you should try to spray the body spray on your skin, right after taking a bath. This will help your pores to absorb the aroma of the perfume essence and hold it in for hours. Moreover, you should have at least 2-3 types of deodorants so that you can use them according to the time of the day or the mood. Own one sporty body spray, one romantic aromatic one, and one with citrusy aroma perfect for everyday use. This will keep your fragrance noticeable every single day. For making it more lasting, you can layer it up with your favorite perfume or perfumed moisturizer enhancing the aroma.

Come to Perfume Booth, India’s leading online fragrance store for finding that ideal deodorant spray. All the perfumed sprays come from top brands after several quality checks to ensure unbeatable quality and aroma.

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