What Is The Best Way To Use Arabic Perfumes?

Arabic PerfumeAre you in love with mesmerizing and enchanting scents of Arabic fragrances? One of the oldest perfume variant available to fragrance lovers, Arabic scents have been making everyone smell amazing with its unique aroma. The fragrance is quite unique with a blend of spices, woods, gums and florals obtained from various parts of the world. All these ingredients are mixed in appropriate proportions to deliver mind blowing aroma. Arabic scents are known for their unique characteristics and aroma which is unbeatable and nothing like any other scent available around the world.

Also known as oriental scents, Arabic perfumes have been in trend since the times of princes and princesses walking down the souks and spice markets in middle eastern countries. These perfumes have classic blends as well as notes that are inspired by naturally obtained ingredients or the spice markets and old souks filled with aromatic ingredients and products like incenses. People used to travel far and above to get these fragrances from right perfumers or to send them across countries. Nowadays you can easily get these perfumes from top selling international brands known around the world such as Otoori, Baugsons, Colour Me and such popular brands.

Wearing these perfumes can give you a mind-blowing touch of fragrance but if not applied properly, it can also get unbearable too. Here are some simple tips that will help you in enjoying the best Arabic perfumes in the best way:

  • Less is more: Just like any other perfume that you apply on an everyday basis, it is very crucial for you to apply the right quantity of Arabic fragrances. If you will apply more quantity, the fragrance will be a bit overpowering, hiding your personality behind it. Moreover, it can be a bit uncomfortable for your senses as well as for people around you. If you are wearing this perfume to your office, make sure to stick to just one spray and for gatherings, two sprays are enough. Anything more than this will only make you seem like a wannabe person.
  • Choose according to the season: Although all the Arabic scents seem to be similar to each other, they all have a certain variations to them. This variation is according to the changing fragrance trends and the ongoing season. If you want to smell amazing in every season with these classic fragrances, you need to get one to match the need of the season. For the summer season, go for the gentle notes having floral accords, for the monsoon season you can try aromatic refreshing herbs, for winter season try out the woody and spice mixes. Top brands around the world are now offering a wide range of fragrances in this category.
  • Best brands for best scent:Some varieties of perfumes can only be enjoyed best if they are purchased from good brands. Arabic or oriental perfumes are one such variety that you can relish in the best way if it is made under expert guidance using high quality ingredients. Go with branded Arabic or oriental perfumes that are available with the top selling international brands in Eau de parfum and Eau de toilette variants only for a lasting scent.

Keeping all these simple points in mind will help you in getting the desired fragrance experience while enjoying this age-old fragrance type. Arabic perfumes are considered as the scent of the royalty, so get one for yourself and feel the bliss of this mind-blowing perfume type. You can get it online in India at Perfume Booth, one of India’s leading fragrance store.

They offer high quality perfumes from international brands like Otoori, Baugsons, Lomani, Perfumer’s Choice, Colour Me, Louis Cardin, MPF, Mural de Ruitz and several other brands at a very low price. If you wish to try out these perfumes or want to have them in deodorant form, it is also possible on this perfume store. Go through the entire range, find the one that you like by looking at the notes or by ordering the sample tester and enjoy it at a low price only on Perfume Booth.

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