What Are The Most Popular New NB Perfumes?

New NB Perfumes

Using the same perfume for a very long can not only make that fragrance seems not sufficient but it starts to lose its charm. It is very essential to change perfumes with every season and every other month so that you can always feel amazing. Our olfactory senses are very vulnerable and when they are exposed to something similar for a very long time, they start ignoring it or get very used to it. If you want to keep things exciting and fascinating, you need to work it out by updating your fragrances. Giving all the perfume lovers this amazing opportunity, New NB perfumes always come up with a new range of perfumes to match the season and trends in the perfume world. Some of the most popular New NB perfumes for men and women that are trending among users are,

New NB White eau de toilette for women: A perfect fragrance for ladies who love gentle yet striking scents. The top notes of this fabulous perfume contain Yuzu lemon, and watery fruits while the middle notes contain orange blossom, jasmine tea and lotus. The base notes add a striking touch with oriental notes having white patchouli, cedar, sandalwood and vanilla. It is great for warm and summer season.

New NB Sport eau de toilette for men: A sporty perfume with refreshing notes that will keep you fresh for hours. The top notes of this perfume are Fresh grapefruit and marine notes while the middle ones are aromatic nay leaf with hedione jasmine. The base is a blend of woods having guaiac wood, patchouli, oakmoss and ambergris. It is great for all-day wear throughout the year.

New NB Black EDT for women: A strong and sensual blend of fragrances, this perfume will make you feel amazing all night long. The top notes of this perfume contain bergamot, aldehydic notes, spicy black pepper and juicy fruits. The middle ones are floral with jasmine, rose and solar ylang-ylang with base notes of amber and white musk. It is great for evening and nightwear and can be worn throughout the year.

New NB Gold EDT for men: A refreshing yet striking perfume for men who loves to stand out. The top and middle notes of this perfume contain citrus fruits such as orange and bergamot with the slight sweet juicy fruity accord. The base is warm and oriental having cedarwood and sandalwood. It is great for office wear, evening wear throughout the year.

Why New NB perfumes?

It is one of the international brands that is highly perfumed as well as budget friendly. They are made with high-quality ingredients giving you an amazing fragrance that lasts all day long. All this in your budget. Not just the perfumes, the brand also provides New NB body sprays as well for all the fragrance lovers who prefer deodorant sprays over perfumes or need more budget-friendly fragrance solution. It is loaded with various kinds of fragrances ranging from gentle ones to the strong ones, suiting different moods and seasons. If you are looking for a fragrance brand which is affordable, offers a wide range of option and lasts for hours, this is the brand you need to try. You can buy perfumes and deodorants for men and women both. Get it now online in India on popular perfume stores.

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