What Are Office Suitable Perfumes for Women?

Desire PerfumeWhen it comes to wearing perfumes to office, there is always a restriction. You have to maintain a protocol, following the dress code and maintaining a proper personality. You cannot be very casual, even if there is a casual dress code. This dress code is not only applicable to the way you dress, but also to the way you apply makeup and perfume. This is not the place where you can be loud in the way you look. It is easy to follow the dress code, but when it comes to the perfumes one has to take special considerations. If you are not ware of the kind of perfume you can wear in office, here are simple tips for you that you can keep in mind while picking out perfumes for work space.

Not over powering notes:

Choose a perfume that has gentle notes. Anything overpowering, strong and pungent can make you seem like a wannabe trying too hard for the attention. In the office, you have to keep your personality a little professional. Wearing strong perfume will not only make others around you feel weird but it can also affect the way people see you. Maintain your professional outlook with gentle yet fragrant perfumes with notes having fresh, floral and delicate fruity tones. You can avoid anything too sweet or florally as well in office. Fragrances like Lomani Desire eau de parfum are best for this.

Don’t apply too much:

Just like any other place, wearing too much perfume is also not advised in office as well. Even if you are wearing delicate perfume, you should keep its quantity to required minimum. Follow the 2 spray rule of wearing perfume if you are not sure how much is enough. Apply 2 sprays on your pulse point and you are ready to go for the day. This much perfume is enough to keep you fragrant for hours.

Avoid pungent deodorants:

Although you may feel that a deodorant will keep you safe from sweat odour, but most of the deodorants starts dying down after sometime leaving a weird smell in the air. This is because most of the deodorants contain gases and other chemicals along with very little fragrance concentration. However, perfumes like Desire perfume contain up to 20% perfume concentration which keeps it fragrant for hours.

Change your perfumes often:

Wearing the same perfume every single day in office can make every nose that comes in contact with perfume ignore it. It will not be notice any change. So you need to change your perfume every couple of weeks or month to keep it fresh. You can also keep 3 suitable perfumes for office and switch between them to keep things fresh and noticeable. You can use this trick to smell amazing outside office as well.

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