Types of Oriental Perfumes for Men

Oriental perfumes have been in use for centuries. First, it was introduced in India and Arabic countries where nobles and royals used to apply it on their skin for staying fragrant. It was basically perfume oil which lasted for days at a stretch leaving a faint recognisable scent after that. Men from higher classes never stepped out of the house without applying a perfume and made sure to carry the small bottle with them while leaving for a long voyage.

The modern man is also like this and loves to apply a perfume before stepping out; however, they are not able to enjoy a long-lasting scent with the perfumes available today. What you need is a good oriental perfume such as Sumuh perfume for men which can give you a long-lasting fragrance just like the age-old perfume oil. Oriental perfumes are made with finest of ingredients giving you an unbeatable fragrance experience. Here is why:

  • Oriental scents are quite strong as compared to other perfume families. They can last for all day or more.
  • Oriental scents are quite masculine in fragrance without becoming overpowering. Most of the modern day fragrances for men contain too strong ingredients, which may seem unpleasant to people around.

If you are looking for something different, here are some types of oriental Perfume Fragrance for men that might interest you:

Woody Orientals: Generally, oriental perfumes are designed by mixing fragrance from fragrant woods with other strong scents. However, in this category, the perfumers make sure to use scents, which either are taken from fragrant woods like sandalwood, rosewood, cedarwood or contain the woody fragrance like vetiver and patchouli. These ones are quite strong and manly, suitable for the evening use.

Fresh Orientals: Oriental perfumes have changed significantly over past decades, giving the users of subtle fragrance lovers something to cherish. Oriental perfumes in this category are quite soft and fresh in fragrance making them a perfect pick for the daytime events. If you want something for your office, this can be a great pick for you.

Classic Orientals: As the name suggests, this category contains classic fragrances inspired by the real oriental fragrances. A combination of florals, fragrant woods, spices and other such ingredients, the classic oriental scent is in the true sense a perfect scent for the man of today who loves something different.

If you have become bored with your regular deodorants and perfumes, oriental can change the way you smell. Grab one that suits your senses and enjoy it!

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