Trending Sports Perfumed Deodorants In India

Someone indulgent in active life always tries to fit sports and gyming activities in their everyday lifestyle. No matter if it is summer season or winter season, they will step out of the house for the sake of their health. They never let anything come in the way of their healthy active life or compromise with something. However, when it comes to sweating it out and the smell that comes after it, it can often make them feel conscious. When you are surrounded by people, body odour can you feel intimidated. You become very conscious about your body image and your personality, wondering what the other person is thinking about.Hot Ice Deodorants

Giving all these active lifestyle lovers an amazing opportunity to smell amazing, Hot Ice Deodorants brand is here with its international body spray range. One of the most reputed brands known for their highly perfumed body spray range for men, Hot Ice has created fragrant sprays only for active life targeting the much-needed sweat smell. Some of the trending and most loved perfumed body spray variants available with the brand are,

Hot Ice Clash Sport deodorant body spray: Designed for the man who is always ready for every situation in life with a smile on the face, Clash body spray will keep you fragrant for hours. This perfumed body spray for men contains aquatic aromatic accords making it a perfect option for the summer season. It opens with mineral sea accords for a cooling refreshing feel. The heart notes contain amber with light wood accords at the base for that aromatic cooling freshness. It is perfect for all-day wear in the summer season.

Hot Ice Rapid sports deodorant body spray: This perfumed deodorant spray for men is rather zesty and citrusy designed for the man who loves to win fast facing life head-on. It opens up with a refreshing combination of citrusy accords of bergamot and fougere herby accords of coriander. The heart notes of sea breeze give it a cooling touch with the warmth of aromatic woods at the base. Rapid sports deodorant spray is perfect for all-day wear around the year.

Hot Ice Challenge Sport deodorant body spray: For the men who love to take up challenges every day in the life and win them over with a smile on the face with a spicy floral accord of this body spray. It will help you to get rid of sweaty body odour with opening notes of aquatic accords merged with citrus accords of bergamot and spicy accords with floral touch in the heart. Cashmere with moss present at the base give it a smoother touch with its exotic fragrance. Challenge sports deodorant is great for evening wear around the year.

Hot Ice Pace sport deodorant body spray: A highly aromatic mix of refreshing accords for the man who doesn’t want to compromise in life. This perfumed body spray opens up the aroma of lavender and freshness coriander and mint. The heart notes open up with floral accords and have woody accords giving you a fresh yet mesmerising scent.

You can buy all these and other Hot Ice body spray deodorants for an active lifestyle and sports as single variant as well as in combo packs online in India. Perfume stores such as Perfume Booth are making them available at a budget-friendly price in India. There are various variants available for various moods and moments so choose what suits your senses and mood best. All the body sprays from the brand is created using perfume essence from high-quality ingredients hence they give long lasting fragrance. Once applied after taking a bath, the fragrance will last for more than 4 hours, keeping sweat odour away.

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