Top 5 Most Popular Lomani Deodorant For Summer

As the summer season reaches its pinnacle, the need for a good deodorant spray becomes imperative. Right after we step out of the shower, the first thing most of us do is to apply the deodorant spray and wear clothes after this. Since this is the first and foremost step in your grooming regime, it is very essential that it works properly. Using a body spray with fragrance lasting of about 2 hours is not the one you would like to spend your money on. Take your grooming a step ahead with international deo body spray from one of the most reputed perfume brand – Lomani.

Lomani Deodorant

Lomani has been a common name in Indian household due to its amazing quality and fragrance. Probably this is the only international perfume brand that has been catering to the fragrance needs of the masses by offering a huge variety of scents for men and women at an unbelievable price. After the unprecedented success in the world of fragrances, this international brand is here with its wide array of deodorants for men and women. Here are the top 5 most popular Lomani deodorant for summer,

Lomani Cigar Body Spray: This body spray for men is very aromatic and lavish giving you long-lasting fragrance. It opens with refreshing citrus notes having a lemon, bergamot with juicy pear, pineapple and prune. The heart notes are rich in floral notes of marigold, geranium and jasmine along with tangy spices such as a bay leaf, aromatic basil and nutmeg. At the base, there is the warmth of woody cedar, patchouli and intense aroma of sandalwood and tobacco.

Lomani Do It Body Spray: This Lomani body spray is for a man who loves to stay on the edge and lives life to the fullest. The fragrance of this deodorant spray opens with citrusy freshness with the spiciness of juniper, and coriander. At the heart, you will find the aroma of nutmeg, violet, carnation and lavender trying to capture your attention. The base is strong with an oriental touch of amber, musk, orris root, patchouli and sandalwood.

Lomani Essential Body Spray: Keep your energy levels high all day long with this aromatic body spray for men. This sweet aromatic body spray opens up with green notes of lavender, liquorice and bergamot. At the heart, there is a flush of florals like lilac and lily of the valley while the base has dry woody accords of sandalwood, patchouli, tonka beans, musk and vanilla.

Lomani El Paso Body Spray: For those warm summer evenings, you need something strong and intense, just like El Paso body spray for men. This perfumed body spray opens with the freshness of thyme, eucalyptus, lemon and bergamot. The heart notes are filled with a spicy touch of juniper, cloves and nutmeg with woody notes of ambergris, oakmoss, musk and sandalwood at the base.

Lomani Pour Homme body spray: One of the most popular and forever favourite fragrant body spray, this spicy aromatic deo will make you stand out. It opens with a zesty touch of lemon and bergamot along with the aroma of lavender and oakmoss. At the heart, zest of thyme, cloves and eucalyptus while musk and cedarwood at the base give it an intense touch.

The fragrance of these aromatic highly perfumed body sprays is so intense and strong that it can last for more than 4 hours. It is gentle on your skin and heavy on sweat smell so that you smell amazing and fresh all day long. To get this amazing perfume like experience from the bottle of deodorant, get Lomani deodorant sprays for men and women online in India at Perfume Booth.

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