The Ingredients That Prepare the Invisible Notes of Perfumes

A fragrance may be invisible, but even that invisible mist consists of three varied sections of powerful elements. The power of a regular perfume is not yet decoded. It can affect our mood emotions and health as well. Ever imagined how beautifully it must have been crafted out of fantasies. The beauty of the perfume is because of the powerful ingredient that is combined to form a dynamic smell. Just like a harmony of three or four notes is necessary to make an orchestra play, similarly a blend of three notes makes the perfume, strong and last longer than regular deodorants and body sprays.

The secret behind your smell

There are basically three variants in each perfume other than its essential oil concentration. It comes in top, middle and bottom notes. Without these three main factors the aroma of a perfume can never be this revealing and appealing. The trinity of the three works to modify the fragrance but at the same time they do different jobs together. They together form a perfume accord. Let’s find out what it means.

How the perfume accord matters?

Perfume accord is a blend of the three notes of perfume that gives out one fragrance together. The unified order is very influential and seductive. A perfume always leaves its first and last impression through its series of wild notes. By changing just one element from any of the notes changes the fragrance completely; the manufacturing process is a micro technique. The accord is the main factor that decides the family of the fragrance, if it smells aquatic, woody floral or musky. the most common accords of any dynamic long lasting perfume is Amber, aromatic, gourmand, herbal, oriental spice, cologne chypre or woody!

So let’s now find out how to identify the notes?

Perfumes are like triggers that directly targets the nostrils. They work and spread in seconds, so the first smell that you get when you apply perfume directly on the skin is actually the first note of the perfume! Often with time the smell changes this is because the top notes vanishes magically after few minutes. Then you may smell a completely or partially different smell which comes from the middle and the base notes.

NOTE 1: The top notes are like the main or unique selling points of perfumes, they can give you love at the first smell! Then it evaporates because of the reason that it consist of the lighter oils. The top notes are supposed to last only for an hour or two. Next come the middle notes.

NOTE 2: The middle note often described as the heart note is made up of stronger dark oils for example nutmeg lavender, yang yang or rose is often found in the middle notes. It stays for four hours and it is the reason that drives out a memory of the fragrance box. You can find the floral fruity scents here.

NOTE 3: Here comes the winner, the base notes, the strongest and the longest notes amongst the three that stays for about six long hours. It is basically the most musky one like moss, amber, sandalwood, oak, most and vanilla.

So take the notes seriously because they are the real heroes that make our product smell fresh and livelier. Buy according to your requirement and make your fragrance smell the way you want it to.

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