5 Tips To Pick The Best Diwali Perfume Gift Set For A Couple

When it is about finding gifts for a couple, often people stick to home d├ęcor. A vase, bed sheet, cutlery, or crockery are popular choices. Instead of these usual gifts, give them something useful like perfume. And not just any perfume, but something good. Here are the tips that will help you in picking the best gift for a couple […]

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Which Of The Best Corporate Gift Sets That Make Your Employees Happy

Corporate Gift Sets

For a business, maintaining relations with associates is as important as their employees. After all, these are the people behind the success of your company. They work, day in and day out to support your establishment. With their new ideas and hard work, your business is flourishing. When they are putting in so much, you can at least make them […]

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What Gifting A Perfume Means?

Birthday Gift Pack

Giving perfume as a gift is quite common around the world, however, there are many cultures where it is believed to be the worst present. According to them, gifting a perfume may affect the relationship between the person gifting it and the person receiving it. Even in India, there is a common belief going around that, one should either avoid […]

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Why Scent Shot Is The Best Corporate Gift Sets?

Corporate Fragrance Gift Sets

In companies all over India, there is a trend of giving out gifts on special occasions and festivals. This is to mark the occasion, to celebrate any achievement or to reward a certain team or employees who have been giving their best in performance. Apart from this, gifts are also exchanged between partners and investors thanking them for being part […]

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