Subtle Scent That Pampers Your Skin

Summer season is bad for your skin as well as personality. One tends to sweat a lot, which combines with bacteria causing sweat stink and stain marks on clothing. With heavy sweating, you are not only going to smell bad but you are also losing on essential moisture. During this hot season, if your skin is not replenished with moisture […]

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What are the different uses of perfume?

A perfume can do a lot for you other than just giving you an all day of freshness. It is loaded with finest of ingredients handpicked from around the world. Each ingredient has unique qualities as well as fragrance, which come together in making the perfume. If you think that it is made only to give you fragrance, you need […]

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Scents That Are Trending This Season


Buying a new fragrance is always frustrating and time consuming. You are surrounded by so many options, brands and smells, it can be quite confusing too. For making selection easy for you, we are here with some of the scents that are trending this season. Just like fashion, perfumes also have a season. Certain scents or notes are suitable for […]

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PerfumeBooth Re-launches with a New Look in the New Year

PerfumeBooth has become a household name when it comes to buying perfume and deodorants online. In the very short history they have, PerfumeBooth has not only successfully reached their target goals but have made a stronghold in Indian e-commerce scenario. Seeing the changing demographics and user behaviour, PerfumeBooth decided to re-launch itself with a new look in the New Year. […]

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