Subtle Scent That Pampers Your Skin

Summer season is bad for your skin as well as personality. One tends to sweat a lot, which combines with bacteria causing sweat stink and stain marks on clothing. With heavy sweating, you are not only going to smell bad but you are also losing on essential moisture. During this hot season, if your skin is not replenished with moisture regularly, it tends to become chapped causing tanning, redness and irritation. However, there is something, which can take care of all your summer skin needs without much hassle and that is a body mist

A body mist like Jacqui and David Pure Pear body mist 50ml is designed to add subtle scent to your body but it can do a lot more than just making you smell good.

  • Contains natural ingredients: A good body mist does not contain any kind of artificial chemicals or elements. It is loaded with natural ingredients with all their goodness. Natural essences handpicked from fresh fruits, flowers, natural woods and liquids that can protect your skin while adding that soothing freshness to it. JD Man Pure Pear body mist for women contains essence from juicy pear that pampers skin with its natural goodness.
  • Look fresh: After a hot humid day, it is difficult to look fresh. Especially when you are out in the field or somewhere busy, taking a break to wash your face seems unprofessional or weird. You can still look fresh by spraying on body mist on your face and wiping it with a clean piece of cotton cloth or tissue paper. Make sure to keep your eyes closed while doing so.
  • Add quick moisture: If your skin is feeling dry and parched during the summer season, you can add a quick layer of moisture by spraying on body mist on it. Since body mists are made with natural ingredients, these are safe to be applied on any part of your body except sensitive zones like eyes and down below.

Body mists might not be very strong in fragrance but the scent stays on for long hours. You can apply it for those special moments when you want someone to be close to you or just feel fabulous about yourself. You can choose from a wide range of scents available in the body mists. Select from an array of floral, fruity or sweet dessert scents to match your mood.

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