Simple Terms You Need To Know To Be A Perfume Expert

Online Perfume ShopBasic knowledge is what it takes to be a perfume expert. The vast world of fragrances contains a wide range of scents, types, and terms that can give a basic description of the perfume letting you know what it is all about. A perfume user aware of these terms can easily understand what the sales representative is talking about while purchasing the scent in the store. Similarly, knowing the perfume notes and type is easy if you know the meaning of each while buying them online from a perfume shop making it easy to get your desired scent. If you are a perfume lover and wish to be an expert, here are some simple terms that you should know,


You must have heard this term, accord, several times while buying perfumes. It is a blend of notes where two or more notes are combined for creating a whole new note. Such as leather or the smell of wet sand. This is different from “notes” which describe a single smell, so don’t get confused.

Layers of perfume:

 A perfume is divided into three layers, Top, Middle, or Heart, and Base layer. The top layer or notes are slightly delicate and bring a soothing aroma. It stays on the skin for not more than 2-3 hours. Notes of florals, fruity aroma are present in this. The middle layer or notes are the first aroma you will get as the true notes of perfume reveals themselves after the top layer. You will get floral, green notes and spices in this layer. The base notes are the strongest ones in perfume and stay on the skin for the longest. Notes like spices, woods, gourmand notes, musk, leather, amber, oakmoss are present in this layer.

 Dry down:

Dry down is the term given to the final phase of the perfume; the base notes are often referred to in this. This stays on the longest on the skin and can last for more than 5 hours depending on the perfume type.

 Types of perfume:

This is something you all should be aware of while buying scents. Although there are various kinds of perfume available, few basic and popular types are Parfum, Eau de Cologne, Eau de Parfum, and Eau de toilette. Parfum, also known as a perfume oil or attar is basically perfume concentrates giving you an unbeatable aroma lasting more than 24 hours. After this comes Eau de Parfum or EDP, having about 10-15% perfume concentration. This type has a lasting for about 10-12 hours minimum.

Eau de Toilette or EDT contains 5-10% perfume concentration giving you about 6-8 hours of aroma. On the other hand, Eau de cologne or EDC contains only 2-5% concentration giving you aroma for 4-6 hours. Out of all, EDP and Parfum are the most expensive perfume categories.

While buying perfumes from online perfume shops, you must keep these fragrance terms in mind. They will help in identifying the perfumes easily and getting notes that you love. These will also make you popular in your friend circle.

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