Should We Use Deodorants In The Winter Season?

DeodorantsOne of the most popular perfumed products for the current generation, deodorant is always on top of the FMCG product list. With an amazingly wide range available, deodorants are purchased almost on a daily basis in huge quantities online and offline, of course not by just one person. These are budget-friendly, available easily over the counter in nearby shops and can be used with ease throughout the day. Every youngster who loves to smell good and hates the stink of the seat makes sure to douse the body with a lot of deodorants, sometimes after taking bath or without taking one, however, he or she feels like.

We use these little cans of gases filled with perfume essence throughout the year without wondering whether they are suitable for such regular use. Most of the deodorants and antiperspirant products contain huge quantities of metals and chemicals that are used to reduce your sweat stink adding a layer of scent on top of it. These chemicals can make your skin sensitive and cause redness with a burning sensation. In the summer season, when your skin is exposed to the air outside, these products might not cause serious damage, but in the winter season when your skin is covered, it can cause skin issues in some. If you want to smell good without facing any side effects of the perfumed body sprays, you need to make the change.

Go For Alcohol-Free Deodorants:

If you have skin sensitivity, try to avoid deodorants and perfumes with alcohol as a base. It will make your skin dry increasing the skin sensitivity. Moreover, alcohol can also cause redness with itching on the skin as well asa burning sensation. You can try out the body spray that is free from alcohol for a more refreshing and aromatic scented experience along with deodorizing your body. Brands like Otoori and Baug Sons are providing a wide range of alcohol-free body sprays at a budget friendly price which you can take around and enjoy. It is easily available online in India on popular perfume stores such as Perfume Booth at a discounted price.

Use It Sparingly:

In case it is difficult for you to switch or you are not able to find the desired scent in deodorant range safe for the skin, you can try to use it sparingly all over your body. Try to keep the nozzle of the deodorant at a distance from your body for about 10 centimeters. Now instead of pointing it to one location and spraying directly at it, you can spray the perfumed deo for men and women by moving your arm around covering larger space on your body. Apart from this, try to apply a gentle moisturiser all over your skin creating a barrier for the deodorant spray. This way the chemicals from the spray will not affect your skin directly.

Switch To Perfumes For The Winter Season:

Deodorants contain lesser perfume essence concentration which can affect its performance in the colder temperature. The fragrance will last for not more than a couple of hours, no matter how great the perfumed body spray is. If it contains alcohol, it will evaporate in no time. You can get good fragrant results by switching to perfumes for the winter season. As compared to body sprays, perfumes contain higher fragrance essence concentration. Deodorants contain about 2% while the perfumes contain more than 10% essence. So, if you think your deodorant is not able to stay on your skin for more time, using perfume is a better option.

You can use deodorants in the winter season, but it is wise to use it in limited quantities and look for safer alternatives. In the winter season, you will not be sweating that much but your body can have stink hence instead of using antiperspirant sprays, try to stick to the perfumed body sprays or perfumes only. You can get both of the online in India at Perfume Booth, one of the most popular online store for international perfumes and deodorants. Choose the right one suitable for your skin and needs to enjoy a highly fragrant winter season.

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