Scents That Are Trending This Season

PerfumeboothBuying a new fragrance is always frustrating and time consuming. You are surrounded by so many options, brands and smells, it can be quite confusing too. For making selection easy for you, we are here with some of the scents that are trending this season. Just like fashion, perfumes also have a season. Certain scents or notes are suitable for a particular season, which varies throughout the year. Apart from the seasons, trends and user behaviours also affect the popularity of notes and scents.

If you are planning to buy perfumes, change your signature scent or give a gift of fragrance to a loved one on a special occasion, these scents are just for you. You can go through all these popular scents or notes trending this season and select the one that speaks about your personality.

Aqua Scents : 

Wanna get into the mood for summer season? Aqua scents are just for you to bring out the freshness in this hot and humid season too. They are fresh, zesty and relaxing, a perfect combination for the hot summer months. Smell of wood mixed with soothing water or marine notes as it is in Perfumers Choice Rafael EDT Perfume 50ml is a must to try for men. While for girls, fresh aqua notes mixed with warm vanilla will do the trick for the season. Aqua notes are perfect for spring, summer and monsoon season, giving you all day fragrance.

Nectar Scents: 

Nectar scents are inspired by the bees, nature’s most hardworking member. We all know that our lifestyle and poor living choices are posing a threat to these little beings working hard day and night until the day they die. For bringing attention to these little beings, perfumers have created this scent.

Nectar is considered to a drink for the gods due to its pure and unadulterated fragrance. Succulent sweet and gourmand notes such as Honey, Vanilla, Candied Orange, Ice Cream, Cotton Candy, Cupcake, Maple, White Chocolate, Sugar and many others are part of Nectar trend. You can try perfumes with sweet, dessert or caramel fragrance if this is something you like. While buying perfumes, look for these notes.

Don’t let your personality be boring or a thing of yesterday. Keep up with the trends by switching your scents. After all, smelling your best ever can make you stand apart from others. Buy Perfumer’s Choice Rafael fragrance and enjoy the scent-astic experience.

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