Qualities You Need to Look in Good Deodorant

When we are surrounded with too many options, it is normal to be confused. Same thing happens when we plan to buy deodorants. Markets are flooded with endless range of deodorants, each offering something or the other. One brand offers amazing fragrance that stays on you for 2 hours attracting the attention of the opposite sex. While the other says that it can keep you active on the field, all you have to do is spray it on generously. Until now, you might have tried almost half of the deodorant brands available with many more yet to try.


Instead of wasting your money on various body spray variants available in the market, try to look for these qualities and you will never feel the urge to change your deodorant:

Contains amazing fragrance: Lets be straight, you are applying the deodorant mostly because of the fragrance. Henceforth, you need to look for a deodorant that stays on you for long hours without losing its scent. The fragrance of the deodorant should stay on strong with a good sillage. Apart from it, try to grab a scented deodorant with fragrance suitable with the season. Like citrusy scents go well with summer season, aqua minty scents are best for monsoon season and warm spicy notes are best for winter season. Lomani Essential body spray 200ml is one such highly fragrance body spray you need to try.

Helps in getting rid of sweat: A good deodorant helps in preventing you from sweating excessively. Sweating is a sign of good health and one should not stop it from happening however if you sweat too much, you reduce it significantly using a good antiperspirant deodorant. Apart from it, using a deodorant with talc can help in absorbing sweat preventing staining. Lomani Essential deodorant spray for men can do this for you.

Removes bacteria: Bacteria causes your sweat to stink henceforth it is essential to get rid of it. Using a deodorant with triclosan can help in eradicating the bacteria while keeping you fragrant. Just apply the deodorant right after taking bath and you are good to go for the rest of the day.

Doesn’t sting your skin: Unless until you spray the deodorant on chipped, burnt or damaged skin, it should not sting. If the deodorant is stinging it might be because you are allergic to something present in the deodorant or that it is affecting the pH balance of your skin. Always choose a deodorant, which can maintain the pH balance of your skin to 5.5.

Looking for these qualities while selecting a deodorant will reduce your hassles to a significant bit. Choose your body spray carefully to get most out of your grooming session.

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