Perfume Lover Expert Tips: How to Choose the Best One Fragrance?

If you think perfume shopping isn’t rocket science then you should be prepared to accept the fact that it isn’t a piece of cake as well. You need time, money and lots and lots of patience.

Be prepared:

While heading to a perfume store, you have to keep this in time that perfume shopping requires time. This isn’t something you can accomplish in a few minutes. You might be a shopping queen but perfume shopping is different. Let you nose rule over your eyes. Do not get tempted by fancy perfume bottles. Sniff it, smell it and set it aside.

Girls perfume

Note: When you want to gift a nice girls perfumes, you may sometimes make the perfume bottle your priority. (NOT ALWAYS)


Well, setting a specific budget is always mandatory while shopping. When it comes to perfume shopping, a budget is strictly essential. The price range for perfume starts low but can move up way higher than the utmost you are expecting right now. You should set your requirements pre-hand. The budget depends upon whether you want a perfume for regular use or special occasions. Is it supposed to be for yourself or gifting purpose? If you are looking for a luxury perfume the budget needs to be quite HIGH.

Note: When you are in search of an expensive ladies perfume in order to impress your wife you may give luxury perfumes a try.

Understanding the categories:

Perfumes have a specific concentration of aromatic oils and they fall into distinct categories. Usually, parfums hold the top level with a concentration level of around 15 to 22 %. You need only a small amount of parfum and they would last longer. Eau de parfum follows next with the fragrance oil concentration of nearly 8 to 15 %. These are the most popular category of perfumes. Women usually prefer Eau de parfum over other categories. The least expensive ones namely Eau de Toilette or Eau de Cologne comes last with respect to the fragrance oil concentration. You will have to spray the perfume multiple times in order to get the desired result. The concentration stands somewhere between 3 to 8 % only.

The nose check:

It is now time for your nose to do wonders. The smell swatches are for you to take in the aroma. You will be told to whiff coffee beans in between smelling two perfumes. Let the cardboard strip absorb the perfume and once it is dry you can take in the smell. Like already mentioned that perfume shopping requires time; do not take a judgment immediately after smelling the swatches. You have probably sniffed the top notes only.

Wait for some time and take in the aroma of the base notes. It is the base notes that stay on your skin because the top notes tend to fade away gradually.

Tip: If you are in need of a boys perfume, do not go for something that is sweet smelling.

The skin test:

When your nose has helped you in selecting a few fragrances out of the several options, you can now try them on your wrist. Again, let your skin absorb the perfume completely. You might notice a change in the fragrance of a particular perfume when you spray it on your skin. Different body types react differently to perfumes. It is thus necessary to always skin test a perfume before buying it.

Note: DO NOT rub your wrists against each other.

PRO TIP: It is advised not to wear any perfume already when you are headed towards perfume shopping.

Last but not the least, wear your confidence and head towards a happy perfume shopping zone. You are sure to have a wonderful experience. It doesn’t matter whether you are buying the perfume for your own use or to gift it to someone, the product has to be chosen wisely and rightly.

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