Make Your Deodorant Smell Like Perfume With These Tips

DeodorantsDeodorants are the highest selling budget friendly scents available in India and around the world. From the school or college going students with low budge to anyone who wishes to smell good with a boost of scent prefers to go with the body sprays. Sportspersons, players, athletes, and gym enthusiasts keep their sweat odors away with antiperspirants with a good scent. However, the aroma of deodorants, antiperspirants, and body sprays, whatever you call them does not have a lasting as good as perfumes. They are affordable because of the ingredients that are used to create the sprays and the amount of fragrance essence added to the whole composition.

This doesn’t mean that you should stop buying deodorants, especially if you have a low budget. Here are some easy-breezy tips that will not only make your deodorants lasting but will make it smell like a branded perfume,

Apply Moisturizer Before Deodorant:

You must have heard this tip several times while talking about tips to make perfume lasting and yes, it applies to deodorants as well. Use an unscented moisturiser, slather your body with it moisturizing it well, and spray the deodorant for men or women over it. This trick helps in allowing the perfume molecules to stick to your skin well and evaporating at a slower rate. Make sure to keep your skin clean and fresh for this process to deliver unadulterated fragrance.

Layer Two Deodorants:

This is the perfume trick used by many celebrities who love to create something different and need their perfumes to last longer. With deodorants, start the first layer with a scented moisturiser, probably having similar notes to the deodorants you will be using on top. Add a second layer with the strongest deodorant for women or men, following it with a lighter deodorant. Avoid rubbing the skin after you have applied the spray otherwise it will damage the perfume notes. This trick is best for creating unique body spray aroma along with making it last longer than 6 hours.

Go For Perfume Counterpart:

Instead of buying those overpowering weird-smelling body sprays available in the market, you should stick the perfume counterparts that are available from top brands. Brands like Baug Sons, Lomani, Chris Adams, New NB, Rich and Ruitz, and many others are providing body spray variants for their popular perfumes. These perfumes body sprays contain a higher amount of fragrance concentration as compared to the regular body sprays available in the market. If you need a lasting scent, you can switch to these to enjoy the fragrance of a branded international perfume.

All these tips are tried and tested so you can enjoy a pleasant scented experience. Buy your body sprays from good international brands as they have better ingredients as well as higher fragrance essence concentration. You can enjoy the fragrance for more than 6 hours with these tips as well as good products. There are several non-alcoholic variants as well for people who have sensitive skin and need something pure. Get them from online fragrance stores and enjoy a scented experience like never before.

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