Know About Lomani Sweety Paris Eau De Parfum For Women

Lomani sweety Paris parfum is designed especially for nightwear and this perfume has a unique fragrance that will compliment your personality. With the help of Zesty ginger and blackcurrant with plums, it adds a sweet yet tangy flour to its scent. It an oriental perfume that includes- patchouli, sweet amber and musk and is a perfect gift for women.Lomani Sweety Paris Eau De Parfum

Discover our fantastic collection of fragrances with a fantastic range of designer brands to choose from as we always make sure that the collection is for everyone and it is based on everyone’s liking. So come and discover her next ‘go-to’ scent with us.

Lomani Perfume Brand is a well-known brand across the world and almost 50% of the Indian population knows this brand as a few popular Indian stars use this brand for their signature fragrance as well. This brand was created by a French perfume company called Parfum Parour of Paris, offering a huge line of fragrances for both men and women. The motto of Lomani is ‘ Just be a star’ as Lomani believes everyone has a star inside them and everyone has a right to feel special and we just helps them smell right for the right occasion at the right time.

Now we at Perfume Booth are helping them with their motto and helping people to smell as nice as their soul.

Understand your personality-

When it comes to winter fragrances, it’s all about something warm, earthy and a little bit intimate fragrances. These scents complete the winter’s thick scarfs and jackets. A perfume is an intimate choice and with all the options out there it is hard to determine what works best for you. So, we have made it a lot easier for you this winter as we have come up with the ranges of warm, snuggly and a bit intimate perfumes gift sets for every woman so that they can feel extra comfortable.

We have a wide range that covers all sorts of fragrances such as-

  • Oriental floral fragrances
  • Feminine fragrances
  • Cool citrus
  • Dramatic petals with the touch of honey

These are a perfect accessory for your winter days and nights.

Type of your skin and the signature perfume for you-

When it comes to girls they often are seen to be lost in their thoughts, but at the same time, she is never really lost. She disdains routine, and can be understood by the idiom- ‘Girls just want to have fun’. We at Perfume Booth have the fragrances that sparkle or represent contemporary energy, yet a traditional spirit and the fragrances that say true to the youthfulness and yet represent the originality and uniqueness.

We at Perfume Booth believe that you deserve better fragrance than the fragrance you’ve had since your school days. Finding a statement fragrance can come with a unique pressure because with a wrong scent you can smell over-fragranced and a person who just got their hands on samples for the first time.

As Laurent says ‘never smell a perfume at the counter’ as it is mingling with a cloud of other stale scents. So, just spray it and escape to identify the true smell.

Depending on your preference, there are a variety of perfumes you can choose from Perfume Booth. There are fragrances that smell musky, strong, earthy, and floral and baby-like. Still, others can smell sweet, spicy, fresh or woody. The combinations are diverse and abundant.

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