How To Spray Perfume For The Best Results?

perfume for girlsYou might be getting tired of listening to all the tips and tricks often showcased as the best way for making your perfume last longer. After investing in an expensive branded perfume when you must worry about it not being able to stay on your body for not more than a couple of hours, it is simply not worth it. Instead of looking for tips to make the scent better, you need to follow the proper way to apply the scent. How you begin with the scent and prep before spraying it on the skin plays an essential role in making it last on your skin as compared to the tips followed afterward.

Yes, they work too, but if your foundation is not strong enough, they will not be able to deliver lasting results. To get the best out of your perfume, spraying it properly is the key to do it and here are some ways that will help you in doing so,

Spray It From A Distance:

Most of you must have been keeping the perfume for girls very close to your body before spraying it on applying small spritzes. This seems like a good practice, but sadly it is not. Since we need an exceedingly small quantity of perfume, one should try to cover a large area as possible while spraying it on. You need to keep the perfume bottle at least 10 centimeters away from your body and spray. This will help in covering a larger area of your skin with a small quantity of perfume.

Let It Air Dry:

Never, ever dab or rub the perfume after applying it on the skin. This practice can damage the perfume molecules significantly affecting its scent as well as the lasting effect. Perfume is designed with top, middle, and base notes, each marked to reveal itself at a certain point in time. If you rub the perfume after spraying it on the skin, this will rupture the molecules mixing all three layers and distort the scent. Henceforth, you should let it air dry allowing the girls’perfume to be absorbed properly. In case your perfume is taking a lot of time in absorbing into the skin, you can either dab it or keep it at a distance before spraying.

Moisturise, Moisturize, And Moisturize:

We can never emphasize this enough but moisturization is essential for your body to make the perfume last longer than usual. You need to moisturise your body from the top as well as from within to improve the results. Drink a lot of water for keeping your body and skin hydrated. Use an excellent quality moisturizer which can be absorbed well into the skin and stays in for a longer time. You should moisturize right after taking bath so that your open pores can absorb the moisture properly holding it into the skin. This trick will make your scent as prominent as it never was.

Along with following these simple tips, you can also make sure to carry your perfume with you in the form of miniature scents. You can get these from top known brands like Scent Shot and Chris Adams. These small perfumes are concise and can be fit into your handbag or purse or even your pocket very easily. Investing in the right scent is always helpful for one as it delivers the best results and contains higher perfume essence. In case you have dry skin, it is best to get a perfume oil or oil-based perfumes as they can stick to your skin for lasting results. Find the right one and apply it properly for the best results.

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