How To Make Deodorant Last Longer On The Skin?

Women DeodorantFinishing spray can after the can, this is a common lifestyle of a deodorant user who wishes to have marvellous scented experience from the same. However, getting that desired fragrance or freshness from the body spray bottles is not easy especially if you are not buying the right kind or using it properly. There are various types of body sprays that are available online in India and not all of them are designed to give an enchanting fragrance. If you are getting tired of spending money on deodorant sprays and not getting desired scent from the same, here are some tips that can help you in this:

Know What You Are Getting:

There are several types of body sprays available online and offline in India. Before purchasing any women deodorant randomly, you should understand what are your needs and what that body spray is offering. If you sweat a lot, go for the antiperspirant one, if you smell a bit or need something to the great you can go for the perfumed ones. Similarly, there are those which can lower the temperature of the body keeping it fresh for hours and the ones designed especially for sensitive skin. Choose body spray according to your need.

Buy Highly Aromatic Ones:

Instead of spending money on any random deodorant spray and expecting it to give you the aroma of perfumes, you should try to buy the highly aromatic ones. Generally, a body spray contains about 1-2% of perfume essence concentration, which is enough to keep you fragrant for mere 2 to 3 hours at the max. Highly aromatic ones contain high perfume essence up to 4% keeping you smell fabulous for up to 6 hours. Brands like Otoori. America and Colour Me are known for these perfumed body sprays for women.

Spray On The Skin:

Similar to perfume, deodorant sprays are also designed to be sprayed on the skin and not clothes. It should be the first step of grooming after taking bath and moisturising. However, most of us spray it all over the clothes after getting ready. This habit can make your body spray to evaporate in no time. It is best for you to spray the perfumed body sprays on the skin as it can only help in controlling the sweat as well as the smell gave it is applied directly on the skin. Otherwise, you will not be able to get all the benefits of the body spray as you wish.

Prep Your Skin For Deodorant:

To have the best results out of a body spray, you should prep your skin just the way it is done for the perfumes. Clean your skin by taking bath or using a wet towel or wet tissue. This will help in removing all the dirt and sebum from it making your pores clean. Once it is done, take a light moisturiser and apply it all over the body. Moisture helps in giving the perfume molecules to stick to your skin in a better way. Now, spray on the pulse points by keeping the body spray at least 6 inches from the skin. This habit helps in getting optimal coverage with the body spray covering large part of your body and reducing the amount of spray used.

With the help of all these tips, you can not only make your body spray can last longer but also the aroma to stay on the skin for long hours. Invest in a good quality international body spray from good brand to have best results. You can buy them all online in India on popular perfume stores at best prices.

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