How To Make A Perfume Last Long On Hot Summer Day?

Summer season in India can be bizarre with its extreme heat and humidity. You sweat like anything throughout the day, dreading the moment when you have to step out of the air conditioned rooms or vehicles. On such a day or shall we say during such season, it is not at all easy to stay fresh and upbeat throughout the day. You might take bath several times, but with all that sweat it is not an easy task to smell good.

PerfumesSweat attracts dirt and oil, mixed with bacteria from the surrounding along with the one growing on your skin, (yes we all have bacteria present all the time on our skin) combines to make you smell bad aka bad body odour. Apart from the bacteria, the food we eat also affects the way we smell. Food products such as cheese, garlic, onion, cruciferous vegetables such as cabbage, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, chewing gum, coffee, alcohol and many can make your sweat smell like rotten egg, which only gets worse during summer season.


No need to fret about it, since we have some fabulous tips that will make your perfume last longer on a hot summer day, keeping you smelling fresh,

  • Choose perfume for the season: Different season call for different perfume, something that complements the season and can withstand the hardships. Fragrances such as citrus, aqua, green notes and minty fresh notes are best for the summer season. You can try New NB White Pour Homme EDT Perfume 100ml for that fragrance.
  • Spray on Vaseline: Perfume sprayed on dry skin can evaporate very quickly. You should give your perfume something to stick on such as a layer of Vaseline. This will enhance the longevity of the perfume sprayed on your skin, making you smell good for longer hours.
  • Invest in good perfume: Always buy a perfume with higher fragrance oil concentration. For those not aware of it, there are several types of perfumes such as Perfume oil, eau de parfum, eau de toilette, eau de cologne, deodorants, and body mists. Among these, perfume oil has the highest fragrance concentration and lasts for not less than 8-12 hours while deodorant and body mists have the least amount of fragrance concentration therefore they last only for about 2-3 hours.
  • Apply it right after taking bath: the best way to make your perfume last longer, without any hassle is to spray it on right after taking bath and before putting on clothes. After bath, your pores are still open and clean which makes it easy for the perfume to be absorbed and stay in your pores.

The main idea is to reduce the perfume’s evaporation rate so that it reveals each note slowly lasting for all day. Or you can invest in New NB White EDT Perfumes for Men for that similar experience.

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