How To Make A Deodorant Bottle Last Longer?

DeodorantsBodysprays and deodorants are common perfume products that are used on regular basis by the Indian masses. They are affordable, easy to use, and are widely available everywhere from drugstores to online perfume stores. With so many benefits, there is one con that makes deodorants less desirable to many of the fragrance users and it is the longevity. The deodorant bottle can last only about 20 days maximum if you are using them twice daily. if you are also facing this issue and want your deodorant to last longer for at least a month, these simple tips will come in handy,

Use it sparingly:

Are you habitual of spraying on the perfumed body spray all over your body and clothes? Are you spraying more than three times all over with long spray? Well, this is the biggest reason to make the perfume body spray finish sooner than you expected. Try to avoid doing it if you wish to make your perfumed body spray last longer. Spray the deodorant for men or women in small spritzes thrice or four times on pulse points of your body. You can refresh the aroma by spraying on your clothes as well as keeping the sprays small.

Spray from a distance:

Never spray by keeping the deodorant can close to your body. Keep the spray nozzle at least 10 centimeters as it will help in spreading the spray to a large space, covering more area on your skin. With 3 or 4 short sprays you can cover the almost entire area on your upper body. Keeping the nozzle closer to the skin wastes too much product while making the skin prone to getting rashes and damage.

Invest in good brands:

This is one thing that can impact your usage of body sprays a lot. If you are buying poor quality deodorants available at a cheap price, these tend to evaporate faster due to low perfume essence. Get a lasting fragrance with body sprays from top international brands. These deodorant sprays contain a high perfume essence concentration which eventually enhances longevity. To get better results, try to get deodorant from brands like Lomani, Louis Cardin, R&R, New NB, Colour Me, and such other popular perfume brands that created deodorants for their perfume counterparts. With this, you can enjoy a lasting fragrance for up to 6 hours.

Follow the basic perfume rules:

If you are a regular perfume user, you must be aware of all the basic perfume etiquettes that help in enjoying the fragrance for longer making the bottle last more than ever. Spray the perfumed deodorant for women or men on your skin after cleansing the skin well. Take bath or clean the skin using wet tissue paper. Moisturize your skin properly using unscented moisturizer and then spray the body spray on your skin keeping it at a distance.

These tips are easy to follow and perfect for making your body spray last longer. Follow them, use good quality deodorants and you can save on your monthly perfume budget as well.

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