How To Get Most Out Of Your Perfume?

After buying a fabulous fragrance from top-selling brands, we all wish to enjoy it as much as possible. However, when you have several perfumes, it can be a bit difficult. Some of us are habitual of buying more than 2 perfumes at the same and use them simultaneously moving on to the next lot with the changing season. Although this is a good habit to change your perfumes with the season, mood and moments for keeping the fragrance attractive, you will end up with too many perfumes lying around.

You will use these perfumes for a couple of days and move on to the next perfume bought from the best online perfume store in India, forgetting all about it. So, If you have several of such international perfumes lying around in the house, it is time to utilise them as much as possible with these fabulous tips,

Add A Few Drops In Bathwater:

This is one of the best ways to smell amazing when you have several perfumes lying around. Pick up a desired gentle fragrance and add a few drops of it in the bathing water. Taking bath with this water will make you smell like a million buck. If you have a bathtub, create a foamy bath and add a few drops in that water along with some essential oils, bath salts and candles and you have yourself a fascinating spa experience. It will relax your senses making you feel good and relaxed.

Spray On Your Bed Mattress And Pillow:

If you are having a bit of difficulty in sleeping, maybe your long-forgotten perfume can help you. Pick out the fragrance that soothes your senses the most and sprays it on your mattress. Top it off with clean bedsheets and pillow covers. It will help you in having a good sleep throughout the night. You can do this whenever you are feeling tired, when you are unable to fall asleep or when you just want to relax.

Use As A Hair Freshener:

Why buy a hair perfume from online perfume store when you have all these fabulous perfumes with you. You can use your fragrances on your hair as well adding that layer of fragrance. After washing your hair, spray once or twice on their hair strands and let it air dry. You can also spray a little perfume on the hairbrush and comb your hair with it. Whenever you are stepping out for the whole day, you can utilise this trick. If you have dry hair, try to use a non-alcoholic perfume as alcohol perfumes can make them frizzy.

Make Your Wardrobe Smell Nice:

Wardrobes can develop a weird stale smell during monsoon and winter season due to humidity. Instead of washing all the clothes, again and again, you can simply put cotton balls soaked in perfume in the wardrobe. These cotton balls can retain perfume for a long time and will transfer fragrance to all the clothes making them smell good. You will be amazed at the results.

Layer To Create A New Scent:

Another best way to utilise all your perfumes is to layer them together. Whenever you re free, spray on more than two perfumes together layering each with another. This will create a whole new scent which can be pleasant as well as too much for your senses. So, mix and match all of them to find out the best combinations and use them for making your own personal scent.

All these are just some of the simple ways to use your perfume in every way possible getting the most out of it. You can use a little creativity and find out other ways to use the perfumes that are lying dormant in your vanity.

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