How Do Celebrities Smell Good For Hours At Parties?

Party PerfumeEveryone loves to follow their favourite celebrities. What clothes they wear, the hairstyle they carry and the accessories they wear attract our attention. We might not be able to wear the same brands, but we do try to look for the same piece. Whenever a popular celebrity wears something unique, markets are flooded with similar styles. We can see all this in pictures, but it is difficult to tell what kind of perfume they are wearing.

What Kind Of Perfume Do Celebrities Wear?

You will be surprised to know that most celebrities do not wear expensive perfumes. Bollywood legend Amitabh Bachchan prefers Lomani perfume over others. The brand even named one scent after him because he loved the aroma.For those who are curious to know the name, it is Amitabh B. Pour Homme.

If you are thinking that every celebrity wear party perfume worth thousands or lakhs, well no. They might have a lot of money and can even buy expensive perfumes, but most of them do not. They prefer having affordable perfumes that are easily available. Yes, they might have a few expensive designer labels, but will also have cheap ones in their vanity.

Tips Celebrities Use To Smell Good For Hours:

Best tips that will help you in smelling as good as the celebrities you follow:-

Carry The Perfume With You: Yes, this might seem a bit absurd, you need to carry the perfume with you. It helps in freshening up the perfume whenever you feel. When you are out all day or for a party, this trick is quite helpful. You can get a small perfume bottle or mini perfumes for this. They are easily available over at stores like Perfume Booth.

Use Eau De Parfum: Always wear Eau de parfum when you want the perfume to last for hours. They have higher essence concentration and can last all day. This trick is helpful if you cannot carry perfume.

How Do Celebrities Smell Different?

Even though the perfumes they wear are quite common, the celebs manage to smell different. This is because of the easy tricks they follow. One such trick is layering perfumes. They create a layer of various perfumes, making the aroma different. In this trick, you apply the stronger perfume on the base, following it with a lighter scent. Whether they wear everyday scents or party wear perfume, this trick helps them.

Make sure never to smudge or rub the perfume after spraying. This can damage the sequence of fragrance notes. Layering not only helps in creating a unique aroma but also makes the perfume last longer. All the celebrities try this trick as they need to stand out and smell great all the time. You can also try this trick and smell amazing.

Following all these tricks and tips, you can also smell as good as the celebrities you follow. It is not difficult, and you do not need expensive perfumes. Just make sure to choose the right scents that have decent quality. You can also smell like a celebrity and make others follow your trends.

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