Grab Luxury Scents At Pre Festive Perfume Sale

Pre Festive Perfume SaleThe festive season in India means seeing all the relatives, buying a lot of gifts for friends and families and enjoying every moment of it. Buying gifts for loved ones is a common practice in India during these festive seasons and perfumes are one of the most popular ones. However, with high cost of luxury perfumes, it can be a bit difficult to get one for everyone in your family. If this is stopping you from finding an ideal gift for your loved ones, Perfume Booth’s Pre Festive Sale is here for you. In this one of a kind massive perfume sale, you can get international perfumes from top-selling international brands at up to 70% off. Now you can buy perfumes for men and women for everyone you want.


All the luxury perfumes from top brands such as Colour Me, Baug Sons, Perfumer’s choice, Lomani, Chris Adams, MPF, Mural De Ruitz, New NB and many more are priced at as low as 70% off. You can purchase perfumes for day and night, for every season, for men, women, boys or girls over here. All these perfumes are sourced directly from the brand itself so you do not have to worry about the quality. There are several gift packs as well available on discount. You can buy perfumes for every occasion, floral, fruity, fresh, woody, spicy, and oriental and all kinds of scent to smell marvellous in the pre-festive sale by Perfume Booth.Unisex Perfumes


Very few brands online provide discounts on international body spray variants, but in this mind-blowing pre-festive sale, you can also get up to 70% off on deodorant products. Highly aromatic body sprays for men and women available in single variant as well as in combo packs are easily available over here. You can buy body sprays from brands like Otoori, Rich & Ruitz, Chris Adams, Lomani, Louis Cardin, Colour Me, Baug Sons, Creation, New NB and America. Perfumed body sprays for every occasion; sports deodorants for reducing sweating, alcohol-free body sprays for people with sensitive skin and much more are available in this one of a kind perfume sale.International Body Spray

Scent Shot:

Scent Shot is one of the most popular product by Perfume Booth and it is finally on discount in this pre-festive sale just for you. Grab this most widely loved assorted perfume box, which was available at Rs. 1199 at an unbelievable price of 699. This is a onetime offer only and you will not get this product anywhere else. Everyone loves a good perfume but with Scent Shot, they will get 7 international perfumes, a carry case and gift vouchers worth Rs. 801 which is more than what you are paying for. You can carry perfume of your desire in the carry case with you all the time and use it whenever you feel like. If you are looking for a one of a kind gift, this is just for you.Perfume for Girls

Refill packs:

If you have already bought a Scent shot and it is about to get over, this is the right time to purchase the refill pack. Perfume Booth is providing refill pack at a massive discount so that you can try out not one but all the variants of Scent Shot. Get them all now!Scent Shot Refill

This sale will start on 18th September and will go on until 22nd September. You will not want to miss this sale if you want to have mind-blowing international perfumes at a budget-friendly price like never before. Start filling up your cart now so that you can get them all before the stocks run out. Be ready for this massive sale!

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