Get Your Favourite Fragrances at Discounted Prices

Every perfume lover knows that a good perfume always comes at a higher price. To enjoy that exquisite fragrance experience, one has to shell out extra money on international brand known around the world. This is the reason why most of the perfume lovers have to compromise either with the quality or with the quantity if they wish to enjoy the amazing scent in their budget. Keeping this plight of international perfumes lovers in mind, Perfume Booth, India’s leading online fragrance store came up with the idea of providing global fragrance brands in the country at a convenient price. over here you can choose any perfume which suits your style and buy it at a budget-friendly price.

Perfume CouponsDiscounted Prices on International Perfumes:

The brand aims towards providing high-end fragrances at a discounted price, giving every fragrance lover something to adore. They understand that it is not possible for every person to spend a large sum of money on expensive perfumes. To make sure that the perfumes are in your budget, they source them directly from the brand to reduce the middleman charges. This helps in removing a large sum of money, which is usually added to the final cost of the perfume, making it ridiculously expensive. All the perfumes available on the website are marked at a lower price so that you can easily buy any perfume of your choice and enjoy the luxurious scent.

Moreover, you also have the option of saving some more with perfume and deodorant combo sets. These are priced at further discount giving you more options of fragrance at a regular price. You can choose unboxed perfumes from brands like English Blazer, Colour Me, Baugsons, Creation, Maryaj, Lomani, Louis Cardin and much more over here on Perfume Booth.

Budget-friendly Fragrance Assortment Sets- Scent Shot:

Every perfume lover prefers to try a fragrance before buying them, especially online. Keeping this in mind, Perfume Booth decided to come up with Scent Shot, a revolutionary fragrance product which contains 7 international miniature vial perfumes. You can get Scent Shot of your choice and try all 7 perfumes available in it before deciding your mind on any one of the perfumes or keep trying 7 perfumes by purchasing same or the other Scent shot variant available over here. There are in total 6 variants, 3 for men namely Drifter, Manhattan and Signature and 3 for women namely Malibu, Voodoo and Blush. You will also get vouchers worth Rs. 801 with every Scent shot purchase.

Discount Vouchers for Scent Shot and Full-size Perfume Bottles:

To give you more worthy of the money spent on the perfumes over here on Perfume Booth, the brand is also offering Perfume Booth Coupons code for Scent Shot and full-size perfume bottles given away with every Scent shot box. You will get one voucher worth Rs. 501 which can be used to get flat 501 off on any perfume available here on the site worth Rs. 1000 or more. If you loved any scent in the Scent Shot box, this is a great way to get it in full size at almost 50% off. You will also get 3 vouchers worth Rs. 100 each to get flat 100 off on every Scent shot refill pack. You can buy any refill pack from men’s or women’s section and enjoy it at further lower prices.

To encash these vouchers, you can simply visit the website, add the product in your cart and enter the coupon while checking out. In case you received Scent Shot as a gift, you can again encash your vouchers by registering on the website and following the same steps. It is very easy. So, what are you waiting for? Enter this marvellous world of fragrances with Perfume Booth.

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