Fragrance Hacks Nobody Is Going To Tell You

Party Animal PerfumeUsing perfume properly is not less than science. You need to do much more than spraying it on your skin to get the best results. After investingin an expensive perfume from a good brand, when it starts fading away in a couple of hours, it probably is due to the wrong way of application. Where you are spraying the perfume, how much is applied, and how it is applied can have a major impact on the lasting and vividness of the aroma. No need to fret as here are some of the best and easy fragrance hacks that can take your perfume game to the next level.

Spray It On Your Clothes And Hair:

Everyone must have been telling you to apply Party Animal perfume on your skin if you need a good aroma. However, if you wish it to last longer, spray on clothes along with your skin. The fiber of your clothes especially woollen and cotton can absorb the perfume essence well holding it in for hours. But, try to skip this trick for expensive fibers like silk, muslin, and embroidered clothes as it can discolour them.

Apart from clothes, your hair is also another place where you can apply the perfume for making it last longer. Spray the perfume on a hairbrush, comb your hair with it covering your hair strands with perfume molecules. Your hair works in an equivalent manner like skin absorbing the perfume.

Spray It Directly:

Some people are habitual of spraying the perfume in the air and walking through this cloud of perfume. You must have seen several celebrities doing this as well in movies and shows, but this trick only works for toning down the strong perfumes. For the rest of them, you are just wasting your product. Spray the perfume directly on your skin instead of creating the mist in the air especially for expensive scents.

Never Keep Them In The Bathroom:

Do you keep your perfumes in the bathroom? Well, try to avoid it as much as possible as for the convenience of saving some time, you are damaging your precious scent. Keep perfumes like #Partyanimal Eau De Parfum for men in cool dark places away from all kinds of heat and humidity sources.

Understand The Terminology Of Scents:

The biggest mistake a perfume user does is not understanding the terminology of scents and buying the wrong ones. Before buying the perfume, look at the packaging as it contains all the essential details describing the perfume. While reading the notes, pay attention to the base notes as they describe the perfume well. Understand the difference between EDP, EDT, EDC, and deodorant sprays to buy the right one. Even your deodorant sprays and antiperspirant sprays have a difference between them. Educate yourself to find the right perfume that is worth every penny spent.

These are just a few of the tips that can change the way you use your perfume. Follow them, pick the right scent, and enjoy a lasting aroma like you have done never before.

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