Finding That Perfect Wedding Aroma Was Never This Easy

Luxury PerfumesWedding day is the time everyone wants to remember with a smile on their face. We try to consider every little thing, handpicking every outfit, makeup looks, and hairstyle to look our best on this day and in all the other functions. We lay so much emphasis on all these things that we completely forget about the most important thing- your perfume. Spritzing any random perfume on your body or your clothes is not going to make you smell like the bride or the groom. You need something rather unique and one of a kind that brings out the royal feel in you, highlighting you among the rest of the crowd and bringing in all the attention to you.

If you are not sure about which perfume is ideal for you, here are some tips that will help you in finding that perfect wedding aroma:

  • Consider The Ambiance And The Season: The time of the day and the season when you will be having your wedding plays an essential role in making your perfume smell. If it is a closed space like a banquet hall, you need to avoid anything too strong as it will make everyone feel uncomfortable whenever they come close to you. If you are having a spring wedding, go for the floral-fruity perfumes, for winter weddings warm gourmand notes will be perfect and for the monsoon weddings, citrusy herby accords with a little warmth will be perfect. For an outdoor wedding, you should prefer to go with stronger scents especially for night time so that it can stay on you for long hours and is noticeable too.
  • Go Only For Eau De Parfum: A perfume with higher fragrance essence tends to give you a crisper scent. If you are unable to find the ideal scent in Eau de parfum, go for perfume oils or layer your Eau de toilette with perfume oils.
Apply it properly too:

The way you apply the perfume can also play a key role in its longevity and scent. These tips might come in handy.

  • Avoid Spraying On Clothes: Since you will be wearing expensive clothes, try not to spray perfume on them. This might damage the perfume molecules as well as your outfit.
  • Layer It Well: To get the best of your luxury perfumes and making it last long until the end of the function, you need to layer it well. Try out all the perfumes, find the one that contains elevated levels of perfume essence such as Eau de parfum and layer it with body lotions and essential oils that matches the scent. This will make your perfume last longer as well as give you soft glowing skin.
  • Start in advance: You can also choose a perfume perfect for every occasion and start by applying it right before the functions begin. This will not only give you your signature scent but will help everyone notice you only from your scent before you enter the room. Discuss with your friends to avoid getting a matching scent. Applying it in advance will also help in understanding how the perfume feels on your skin so that you have ample time to switch.

Finding that perfect wedding Luxury Perfumes are no longer picking up any random perfume you love spraying it all over you. You must think about the ambiance, flowers used in the events, makeup products, clothes you are wearing, and even the scents of people who will be surrounding you. You are the center of the wedding event, the masterpiece of the show and so should your perfume be. Grab that stunning luxury scent suitable to your senses and needs for your big day online in India at Perfume Booth.

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