Different Types Of Fragrances That You Should Try

Unisex PerfumesIn the perfume industry, every day several new fragrance trends are launched and introduced. If you are someone who likes to use new fragrances and smell amazing all the time, it is crucial to keep up with these trends. With every new fashion trend or changing season, the perfumers working with the brands create a new scent for the season giving every fragrance lover something new to explore. For the year 2019, they have predicted several new trends in advance that you can include in your everyday grooming to smell amazing and feel great. For helping you in making up your mind about the best fragrance trends going around in the beauty and fashion world, here are some of the most popular ones:

Unisex Perfumes:

With the new trends in gender conformity and freedom to represent, what you feel within is not only being reflected in form of clothing or behaviour but is also represented in the beauty and grooming world as well. Several perfume brands like Baug Sons, Otoori and Creation have come up with a wide range of fragrances for the masses who don’t like to be defined by their physical gender. They want the freedom of enjoying fragrances regardless of their gender and these brands are offering the same in the form of unisex fragrances.

  • Free from any gender depiction: The perfumes under this category will only smell amazing without any gender identity. Anyone smelling it will not be able to tell that it is for men or women.
  • Best gifts: Since all the perfumes under this category are amazing, all you have to do is choose a good fragrance for someone you like. This feature makes it ideal for gifting.

Fresh Fougere Perfumes:

This is another category that is making a huge name for itself in the perfume world. It includes one of a kind perfumes that are created with great care to include all the refreshing notes. Popularly it includes fragrances like lemon, bergamot, limes, neroli and such citruses for a zesty feel. Even spices like ginger, black pepper, cardamom also find a way in this category due to their zingy tangy taste. Other popular notes of this category are peppermint, mint, coriander, fresh cut grass, green leaves, bay leaves and such fougere notes for a relaxing, soothing and fresh feeling.

  • Suitable for every season: This is one of the fragrance range which never goes out of style. From summer to winter season, you can wear this perfume anytime and smell great without any hesitation.
  • Perfect gift: A large number of people love refreshing fresh fougere accords in their perfumes. Hence, if you are looking for gifts and are feeling confused about what to get them, this category is your perfect choice.

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