Budget friendly Gift ideas for Mother’s Day

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Every second Sunday of month of May is chosen to celebrate all the mothers around the world. This day is dedicated to mothers or someone who is just like a mother to you, thanking them for everything they have done for you over the years. Finding a gift for these special ladies in our life can be a bit tricky. You need to remind them of your love, showing gratitude for everything they do while making them feel special on this special day. Here is a list of budget friendly gift ideas that you can give to your mother or to someone who s just like a mother:

  • Fragrant perfume: A good perfume from top perfume brands in India will be a great way to remind her of your love. Whenever she will use that perfume, she will instantly think about you. If your mother is into fragrant perfumes, you can choose one for her or go with the perfume gift set of her favourite scent. Buy them online at perfume shops to get the cheapest price. You can buy international brands perfumes from Colour Me, Maryaj, Otoori, Baug Sons, Creation, Perfumer’s Choice, New NB and such other popular brands.
  • Something to wear: Find out her size and her gift her a fabulous outfit on this occasion. Get her a good sari, which she has always wanted to buy, or a suit which you want her to wear. Palazzo kurta sets are quite in, so you can gift that to her. If your mother wears western outfits, a gorgeous dress can be an option.
  • Give her a makeover: Plan a day of makeover for your mom and book sessions for makeup, skin care, and hair care. A new haircut, colour and smooth skin will definitely make her feel special.
  • A spa day: Nothing is better than a day spent at the spa. She always work hard from the moment she gets up until she sleeps, spending a day at the spa will make her relax. You can also join her if you want to spend some time with her. Several spas give special discounts on this day.

There are many ways to make her feel special on Mother’s day, you just have to think of the right way.

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