Best Louis Cardin Perfumes Online in India

Credible Noir PerfumeWhen it comes to perfumes, very few brands have made a name in the international market and Louis Cardin is one of them. Started off as a designer watch label, this brand has been successful in creating a niche for itself in the world of perfumery. Top talented perfumers from all around world work with the brand for creating some of the mesmerising aromatic masterpieces for men and women who truly love a good scent. In India, several variants from this popular international perfume brands are trending these days. Some of the best Louis Cardin perfumes available for men and women online in India are:

Fickle Eau de parfum for women: It is a gorgeous looking 100ml perfume bottle containing Eau de parfum for women. The fragrance is a sweet elegant blend of floral notes with the sweetness of fruity accords. This perfume opens up with ylang-ylang, white flowers, orchid with zesty white pepper, having spicy notes in the heart with fruity accords of lime, plum, berries and vanilla. The base is quite sensuous having delicious whipped cream, zesty neroli, fragrant tonka beans with white musk and sandalwood. It is ideal for evening wear as well as all-day wear.

Credible Noir Eau de parfum for men: Credible Noir perfume for men is loaded with oriental accords having citrus accents that will give you a pleasant yet striking fragrance. This strong sensuous manly perfume opens up with zesty notes of bergamot and floral accords of fresh handpicked roses, having juicy melon, red berries and aromatic vanilla in the heart for that sweetness. The base is rather masculine with a warm accord of musk, leather and earthy notes of patchouli. Credible Noir Louis Cardin cologne is a strong masculine perfume, perfect for nighttime and parties.

Sacred Eau de parfum for women: This perfume is inspired by the ancient oriental fragrances having a soul of aromatic oriental touch with the warmth of vanilla. The perfume is gentle yet enchanting having opening notes of the warmth of vanilla and caramel with a sensuous accord of dark chocolate. The heart notes are a blend of soft powdery notes and striking spicy notes while the base of this perfume contains black and white musk, amber and sandalwood, adding that oriental touch to it. It is great for romantic long rides, dinners and whenever you wish to be by his or her side.

Illusion Eau de parfum for men: Illusion is one of the highest selling perfumes from Louis Cardin brand. The fragrance contains everything that a modern man can ask for in a perfume. It opens up with a zesty touch of lemon, orange having the sweetness of fruity accords of apple, peaches with fougere notes. The heart fills up your senses with floral accords of fresh jasmine, roses, lily, freesia and such fragrant flowers. The base note is warm and earthy with cedarwood, ambergris and white musk. It is ideal for all-day wear and all night wear.

Compassion Eau de parfum for women: Compassion is a sweet combination of floral and fruity essences giving your personality a soothing touch. The perfume opens up with the sweetness of juicy pomegranate, with aromatic lotus and orchids at the heart of it and warmth of violet, musk, mahogany and amber at the base. This perfume is ideal for all-day wear so spread your warmth wherever you go.

You can buy all these amazing fragrances from the brand for men and women for every occasion at a low price online in India. Get up to 70% off on original price to enjoy these perfumes. 100% authentic perfumes from Louis Cardin will keep you smelling amazing for long hours.

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