Amazing Facts About International Perfumes

Like everything else in the world there are few perfume facts too that are so amazing to know. Here are some of the best facts about perfumes. Now you have some more reason to love your liquid luxury!

  1. Perfumes Ages Between 4000 Years.

Can you imagine that the use of perfume belongs to twice the age of Christianity! We all know how the perfume changed the flavor with growing tome from being a luxurious scent in the essential oil to high branded exotic series. Perfumes have a whole world of romanticism in evolution.

  1. In the Past Perfumes Used by Warriors in the Battlefields

Sometimes the army men have to fight for months so they don’t generally bath to cover up the unpleasant smell of their body they used to rely on the perfume as their weapon against body order.

  1. The First contemporary perfume was actually a drink

The invention of different perfumes back in 1370 was not to apply it directly on the skin but to drink it like alcohol which was already there in a lump sum amount.

  1. It’s not easy to create that one fragrance that would be liked by millions

To be a good perfumer is not as easy as it sounds. His olfaction is his weapon and he has to smell about 300 different notes that are almost the same to specify and make the best out of it. There are mainly three notes, heart top and bottom note with multiple ingredients in each of them! Amazing!

  1. The most expensive nose cost more than anyone can ever imagine

Jean Charles nose was insured for USD 1 million! Like seriously! And to add some more surprise towards the end of his life, he totally lost his olfaction capability.  Alas but truth is crazy!

  1. About 30% females love to wear men’s perfumes

Comeon! There are at least two women in your family who uses men’s perfume more than that of woman. Many girls don’t like the fruity floral scents and try to get more dense and musky notes present in men’s perfume is normally woody and dynamic.

Now enjoy the fragrance with some new reasons. There is always an option to choose the best notes and leave the trail of the exotic freshness behind.

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