About Us

The signature elegance begins with a good range of international fragrance. Perfume booth is a retail digital company specially designed to deliver the doorstep delivery of the international fragrance that is meant to freeze your senses. PerfumeBooth is an Indian perfume company with top international imported fragrance that delivers freshness all day long. The company lets you try out certain perfumes from international brands at a very nominal price. The new concept of perfume Selfie is highly popular. It allows the company to deliver seven tester products from different international brands, to accumulate in one box to give its customers some knowledge about the mother product.  The company’s motto is to make the perfume reach its customers in the same amount as that of the deodorant. It sells high quality EDT and perfume that lasts longer than six hours.

Perfume Booth Perfume Selfie is especially curetted boxes separately designed for men and woman. Nothing is more romantic and floral than PerfumeBooth Selfie range of imported international Perfume series. It comes with wide variety of long lasting scent. Girl’s Perfume range amidst in itself a mystery world of a girl’s secret fantasies. There are three special Selfie boxes for ladies named- Lurve, Teaze and Sophistique.

The Perfume collection for Men gives a classic tale with a powerful long lasting scent. It gives wide variety of imported branded perfume Selfie, specially carved for the classic man. The three Selfie box for men are named Cazanova, Masculine and Wyld. The wide variety is ranged with lots of new modifications.   The box comes with a complete set which consist a Selfie carrying hexagonal case which makes the product very mobile, a user guide, a manual and a voucher of Rs 501 which you can easily redeem in your next purchase of 100ml bottle.

The fragrancers belong to the popular brands like Emper, Lomani, Louis Cardin, Maryaj, Creation etc. all are tested to be skin friendly and long lasting. It maintains a cooling effect on the skin after several hours of application. Perfumebooth maintains its profile with its repeated customers, it is known for its amazing customer service and speed delivery. The company is growing really fast and achieved a delivery rate of over 500 products per day.